Out Of Context, Part 27 – Peachy Burger

Hey dudes! No, the shoes. Welcome to geography lessons with The Movie Roulette Podcast. So many places have become gingerfied. 8s and 9s look a lot alike, bud. The ups and downs of Adam Sandler. George Brett? Straight water. What’s worse: Getting stepped to by mouthy, cocky little kids? Or that dork from Disturbed in a straight jacket? Just listen. And if you wanna bump, let’s go, cuz I ain’t afraid of…


This episode’s rating metric theme is: Top 5 Roller Coaster Orgasims



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Bi-Weekly Fuck Face Challenge

This episode’s Fuck Face Challenge is: You have to kill Bernie, Larry, and Richard – How do you do it?




  • Bernie: Same way as movie, inject with drugs so it looks like an overdose
  • Larry & Richard: Larry is killed by alcohol poisoning in Bernie’s room and Richard is drowned by being picked up with a paraglider and left on the beach
  • Bernie: Make it look like an OD but change the location of the injection, but change it to fentanyl
  • Larry & Richard: Take them both out on a boat at nightfall, shoot them in the head and throw them in the anchor  
  • Bernie: Attach a bomb to Bernie’s golf cart, blowing them into dust so no evidence
  • Larry & Richard: Take them out on a boat ride and shoot them in the head and feed their corpses to the sharks

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