Episode 25 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Jerk Alert! You eat pieces of shit for breakfast? Tractor beam. Sucked me right in. He slimed me. It’s not a tumor! You’re killing me, Smalls. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. Bueller. Bueller.

Bueller, Bueller. Um, he’s sick. Oh, hey, welcome to the Movie Roulette Podcast. I’m Shrout. I’m Jason. I’m Andy. And today, we have a guest, which we’ve started enjoying doing with our podcast. We have an old, old friend. He’s been mentioned on the podcast many times. If you listened to the last one, you would have known.

His full name is Brian Viscovius Little. And, uh, how you doing, Brian? I’m good, Trout. How are all you guys doing? Long time no see. I know, right? It’s been so long. That’s not true, though. I see you all the time. Well, we do, but Andy and Jay and I, we haven’t seen each other for years. Yeah. There was a time when the four of us were in the same room all of the time.

Yes. It’s true. It is true. Very often. And, you know, as things happen when you get older, you, you know, kids and yadda yadda. So, it’s, it’s more spotty, but Brian and I have been fortunate enough over the last, probably what, year and a half? Yeah, year and a half, two years. Yeah. Uh, To be riding BMX together.

Yeah, it’s fun. And hanging out at the skate park at the track. Because your son’s gonna be a BMX superstar. Yes, he is. If he, uh, if he wants, if he keeps with it, yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Which he loves it. So, um, watch out for gram little on the fucking track at the skate park. In future BMX videos and Instagram clips.

And I think he has a YouTube channel. Doesn’t he? He does. Yeah. Yeah. You know, mom ran YouTube channel. But he, yeah, he’s too young for social media. Oh dude. I’ve got like, I think Kristen like reached out, like on, like he has an Instagram. And something like that. I’m following them on there and stuff like that.

So at the end, at the end, we’ll have to promote him a little bit. That’s cool. The shout out. Yeah, he’s a ripper. But what are you up to these days other than other than those things? You know, working, work, uh, work way too much. And, um, the kids, man, I mean, you know, that’s not much other time than that. You guys know how it goes.

Oh, yeah, absolutely. Um. This is pretty much our, this is our sewing circle, so. Yeah, actually, yeah, Kristen and I do some, uh, some acoustic stuff every once in a while. Play some old, old Vedera stuff and then, you know, do a bunch of covers and shit. It’s just fun. And some originals. Yep, yep. You know, it’s, uh, it’s cool to do it like that.

I mean, um. No pressure type of stuff. Well, yeah. And it’s just, it gets me to play my guitar again. Whereas like, you know, I actually have to make time to practice. Cause I can’t just get up there. Yeah, totally. You know, so yeah, it’s funny. Cause it’s cool. Kind of gets my brain, you know, gear spin in a different way.

I think about work and all that shit. We’ve all been playing. All of our, all of us have either played in bands together, or B, our bands playing shows together for 25 plus years now. Yes, yep. Yeah. And it’s funny because in the last couple years when I’ve seen you and Kristen play out, the question remains from all this time, does she ever hit a bad note?

And that’s the answer is no. I, no, it’s, no, it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen. She, if she, she would’ve to be doing it on purpose. I don’t even think she can do it on purpose. If she were doing an imitation of someone like she’s also very talented at, at. Imitating other singers, which is strange. Like she can sound like other singers too.

And I bet she can imitate like a bad singer. That would be funny. Like, I don’t know if I’ve heard it though. She’s like the most pitch perfect singer I think I know. She’s, she just got that. That’s kind of, she just, yeah, kind of effortlessly like that. But remember when she used to do the Geddy Lee when Corey was working?

She used to do the Geddy Lee. Oh my God, she gets down like the high stuff or she should do like a Vanessa Carlton. Oh shit. And sing a little more nasally. Like it was just, it would have us rolling cause she’d be like, she would like call them out and do, I don’t know, three or four different like famous artists and they were all subtly different.

Nice. So funny. Well, shout out to Kristen. Yeah. Back to the, back to the task at hand. We are, we are doing a podcast. Oh, yeah, that’s right. We’re not just hanging out today. We’re kind of doing a little bit of both We’re doing a little movie that we uh, we arranged this, you know by verbal verbal contract That there was a few movies that if we did roll them that you would want to come on.

Yeah all john hughes Yeah, yes This doesn’t mean you can’t come on for another one, but we rolled fierce bueller. So I’m here. We hit you up and we appreciate you coming on. Oh yeah. So we are doing, uh, we’re doing an episode on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. And, uh, I think it’s time we take our shot, boys. Oh yeah.

And I remembered, I remembered to mention the shot because Andy just reminded me. Well, because, might I say, it takes two to forget. Yes. And one to remember. And two to forget. Yep. To Zinu. Cheers. Zinu. I did hear back from, uh, John Floyd Whitaker, he loved the, uh, He loved it. Oh, I love John Floyd. Fuck, we forgot.

And we got a hell of a man. We got a follow from The Sound and the Fury on Instagram after that. Oh, good guys, man. Awesome guys. Shout out to The Sound and the Fury. Just backtracking a little bit. Did everybody shoot the same thing? Did we all do larceny? I think we all did. That was really good. Yeah, we got a, we got a fresh bottle.

Well, it’s a little tapped into, but it wasn’t here when we recorded last time. We got a bottle of larceny. That’s leftover from a party that I went to recently and I drank like one or two drinks from it. So I was like, man. Small batch, 92. Pretty good. Amen. It’s kind of just a standard, straightforward. I think it’s really good.

I’ve never tasted it before. It’s really good. I’ve heard good things. It’s not sweet at all. It’s more of a standard. It’s a good burp. Yeah, and it’s actually I think it’s like the 30 range so it’s not like it’s Jason wanted to do American Honey, but we did you know because it was sweet, you know, whatever.

I actually like I like the sweeter stuff to mix with like coke But but yeah to do shots and stuff. The larceny is good. I mean, that’s good with coke Speaking of larceny and larcenous, but yeah, this movie is starring Yeah, go ahead. What is this movie? Go ahead. So Ferris Bueller starring Matthew Broderick.

It’s not called Ferris Bueller. Sorry, I’ve already established the title. I’ve always called it that. Bueller’s Day Off. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Wait, 1986, the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off the Ferris. Starring no, just a, it’s a Biz Shroud off. Uh, starring Mar Matthew Broderick. Alan Ruck, Mia Sarah, the gorgeous Mia, Sarah and Jennifer Gray.

Gorgeous as well. Yes, uh, even even after the nose job. Don’t

I think she looked great with her She feels self conscious. I think she looked good both ways I think she looks amazing both ways and this is written and directed by john hughes Alright, and we’ve heard of him, right? We’ve done some John Hughes stuff. We’ve done, uh, Chris, uh, Home Alone, Mr. Mom, Mr. Mom, uh, Pretty in Pink.

Yeah. Uh, Plain Strains. Plain Strains. Yeah. I have a, I have a little thing. Is there even, is there any more? There’s plenty more on the list. You know, what’s funny though, the cool thing about this movie and like Plain Strains is that’s one of the like handful that he was. Producer, director, and road. So it’s like the trifecta.

You can kind of tell the movies that are his, his. Alright, so, if you have not seen this movie, you live under a rock, or you’re real young. Ferris Bueller, a complete sociopath who gets passed off as the school cool guy, decides to take the day off from school and drags his friends into the web of lies and deceit.

What looks like a harmless fun day on the surface is actually a nightmare of a time for others filled with identity theft, vandalization, grand theft auto, animal cruelty, disturbing the peace, and a litany of other offenses. Will this tyrant be brought to justice or will he continue to skate through life without consequences?

Listen and find out. So holy shit, you took, you saw this movie differently than I did, it seems like. You know what? Tell me where I’m wrong. Tell me where I’m wrong. Yeah. What did he, what did he do? Like, did we see the same? I think saw moved. I think we saw coming of age a young man and Sure. Coming of age deals with struggles of maybe a little bit of, you know, using his friends as pawns to get what he wants to get, but, but that’s not all he was, you know, when you fight, we could get into it, but there’s some redeeming qualities about Ferris and his intentions.

Ferris is an abuser, he is an abuser. He discusses it and was one of his many. Fourth wall breaks towards the end of the movie. We’ll get into it. We’ll get into it. Fourth wall breaks to talk about. Do you guys actually remember, roughly, first time, because we would have been really little kids when this came out.

So it’s not like we saw it in the theaters and shit. Five and six. I, My memories of this is weird. When I sat down, I’m like, yeah, everyone’s seen Ferris Bueller, but I’m like, have I ever just sat and watched this from beginning to end, like no interruptions, I’m not sure this might’ve been something that I played a lot more like, uh, in the background, hanging out with friends or caught from the middle, like on TBS or something.

I don’t, I didn’t own it, so I’m not sure, I don’t have memories of renting it, so I’m not sure how often I just sat down and really appreciated this movie front to back, like without interruption. I feel like it was one of those that was like They played a lot, probably on like TBS or something like that.

I might’ve taken it for granted a little bit. Yeah. TBS or USA or Yeah, one of those. AMC or whatever. Lifetime. Yeah, the same channels that now just play Grown Ups and We’re the Millers over and over again. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Those ones. Well, because that’s essentially what they did back then. They would have like one or two movies, or they would have a lot more than that, but they would have several movies just play over and over again on the Saturday.

Sitting, that’s how I remember it. Sitting at home just watching it on the couch, like, Oh, I’ve caught it from a quarter of the way in, and I just know it. But, we can quote it. Every, like, I had a tough time writing this, or doing my notes, because I wanted to quote every single fucking thing, but I had to keep on saying it.

I know Shrout, or Brian, or, like, Jason. Yeah, I got one that I’m gonna call dibs on. Oh yeah, you can do that. When it comes up, bring it up. But, like, I mean, it was It’s, it’s a part of the, the full American lexicon. Like it is, it is, it is a classic. Everybody knows it, even with how dorky Matthew Broderick turned out to be a lovable dork.

I love him, but like he was the coolest guy known to man, which reminds me, have you guys ever seen Ferris Bueller’s? day off TV show. No, no, I did read that. It became like, as I was going through this, I read that it was a show, but no, I only had six, it was supposed to run for an, uh, I only had like six or eight episodes that they actually like released that ran.

Yeah. And did you know who got their first television gig from that? I’ve never heard of this, so I have no idea. No. Jennifer Aniston. Really? Yeah. I thought that was Leprechaun. Nope. That was her first movie. This was, this was a television show. Wow. Her first TV gig was, uh, like, I thought it was Friends. Who did she play?

Did she play? Genie. Genie? It was great. Oh, my God. Who played Ferris? Some fucking 80s, 90s dork. It was like, I, I can’t remember yet. Check it out. Some 80s, 90s dork? Yeah, like, you met Oh, yeah, that’s right. Everybody’s listening. Yeah, I’ll tell you though, like for me, I don’t remember the first time. Charlie Schlatter.

That’s it. Charlie Schlatter. Exactly. I don’t remember the first time watching it, but I do remember it was like a staple in our house. Like, my parents must have really liked John Hughes stuff because we watched it probably younger than we should have. Like, I was the oldest and I’m like, 11 or 12 or something.

My brother’s younger. And like, yeah, I mean, like you think about it, like in stuff we probably shouldn’t see, like in breakfast club, they’re smoking pot and like, you know, so my parents are pretty cool about that stuff. Like that was, we took them on road trips and we’d watch those pretty, pretty in pink, 16 candles, like.

I had the benefit of older brothers too. Well, and see, yeah, like I think my parents would, my parents enjoyed John Hughes stuff. Like, so I have a feeling like that. They were just like, yeah, like it was fine. They didn’t. I think, I think it was a different generation. Cause they’ll let you push the edge a little.

When Joey and I were kids, you know, every, every weekend we’d go. Friday we’d go to like pop and go video if you guys go get pizza or blockbuster or wherever movies at home or whatever. Yep, and we’d each get to pick something joey and he was four. He always picked horror Joey was four heading friday the 13th or night.

It’s like jimmy jimmy was like and I could always We Joey and I had a good thing going because he’d always get a fucking horror movie and I would get rad or thrashing or Whatever and you can both watch nice be able to yeah. Yeah, so that’s actually didn’t really they didn’t they didn’t like censor our media I guess I remember watching Terminator the original Terminator at my parents old house, which was when I was six or younger So like, and it was on HBO, so it was unedited.

Male nudity. Our parents generation was more about, uh, they don’t want us watching pornographic stuff, but like language. Yeah, they were cool with it. Crash jokes. Violence. They, yeah. Yeah. It was all good. I swear to God. It’s okay to watch that dude get beheaded, but if you see one fucking nipple, it’s over with, it’s over with.

But how cool, how cool was it though, man? Like, kids will never know these days about going to a movie, like, going to a blockbuster or something. Oh man. Or even like, you remember when the like, Price Chopper used to have their little movie section, and like, you could rent Nintendo games and shit? Like, dude, so cool.

And that was the only way to get that media, so you didn’t take it for granted. You were literally Like, if I want to watch these movies, I need to own it. Like, you felt this, like, need to own it. Now, it’s like, when you know you can watch it at any time. Stream anything. I just sent you guys the fucking photo of somebody at Best Buy, like, pulling down all the fucking, uh, physical media.

They’re getting rid of all that shit. So sad. Okay, so, Brian, is that your, like, do you have any other memories of when you first saw this, or? No, I just think it was, like, one of those movies, to Andy’s point, dude, it’s like, uh, Quintessential like people our age and if you’re to date back like things that happen then because you know And we’ll go into this but like all these movies from back then like none of this shit happens anymore because we all have cell Phones and things like it’s like it’s like Seinfeld, right?

most of that show couldn’t happen now with modern technology because half of it is them missing each other or out of Like, you know, record an answering machine, and some shit that comes out because You don’t call people on the cell phone type of thing, like that wasn’t something. You didn’t get to a payphone soon enough to catch them on their landline, so like, you know.

So I think it’s pretty cool and like Younger kids, maybe they might miss this, but some might think it’s cool. Like that’s how life was before all this technology. Oh yeah. So I don’t know, but it’s just one of those movies that kind of brings me back. And though it just can, you can quote the whole movie.

It’s just one of those. It’s so great. And I’m sure we’ll get into some of the opening scene though. Ferris had access to some technology.

I don’t recall the first time I saw this. Oh fuck. I almost just broke into the song. I, I would, I, I assume I saw it in elementary school, just cause when it came out, uh, and I’ve seen it several times, but it, not in the amount that I’ve seen like 16 Candles or Breakfast Club. Um, Really? No, I haven’t watched it as much as those.

But, uh, yeah, it’s just always been there, and I have no, I have zero memories of renting it or choosing it or it was just always there. I owned it on DVD and that’s like, I do remember that. Like, I, I’ve never owned a copy of it. I, I do remember that because I remember the, the fucking the cover and like it was, that was on the disc too.

So I still have it on VHS. The only VHS stuff I have is, is either music or BMX related, cause it’s all I have, or, or home video stuff. I keep a VCR. I still have a VCR. And it’s hooked up in my living room. I do believe we have a, uh, couple videos that we watched of a guy named, uh, fuckin Cobra. We found some old Cobra videos.

You know, the funny thing about that guy, I’ve heard so much about him, but we’ve always missed each other. Never been in the same room. I have so many questions to ask him. So many questions to ask him. I think that’s true. That’s a good call. Like, everyone would be like, Oh man, you just missed this guy.

Maybe someday. How does this always happen? Do you remember when Cobra opened for walls at Jericho? I remember hearing about this. Who was the one who did the slow clap? Who was like, and, and, that, Cobra?

Was it that the? You know, I hear he still lives in Tonganoxie. Does he? It’s a thing. Not too far from us. Yeah, I think he wrangles twisters. He does. He, that’s, that’s the word on the street. Or at least that’s what he refers to it as. We’re buying a Twister. Alright. Anybody else got initial, initial thoughts?

No. Let’s go. Alright, so. We gonna get right into this scene by scene? Yep. Yeah, I think we were ready. All right. Andy’s going first? Yeah. Good. It is my turn. Alright. Ferris Bueller. There it is there. It’s Jesus Christ. We’re off to a good start already. . No, no. Can’t even read. This is what it is, where it’s always like we will get like three individual, uh, nope.

And every time we stop, we’ll cough today. Junior. That’s great. Like I just, I felt, I felt the flimm building up. I was like, Nope, this is, you. Get a little lump in your throat. I did. I did. Alright, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off opens on a beautiful spring morning in Chicago, in a Chicago suburb. Smart ass high school senior Ferris Bueller uses his quick wit and charm to fake an illness to stay home from school.

His parents totally buy the trickery. But his sister, Jeannie, does not. After learning Ferris is absent from school for the ninth time this semester, the school dean, Edward Rooney, becomes determined to expose Ferris chaotic truancy. Chronic, I’m sorry, chronic truancy. Sorry. While on a call with Ferris mom, Rooney witnesses Ferris attendance records.

Change in front of his eyes as Ferris hacks into the school’s computer system. He wanted a car but got a computer. Jeannie also begins to hear rumors at school about her brother’s illness and finds that seemingly everyone believes them. She grows frustrated at the outpouring of support for her con artist brother.

Ferris then badgers his hypochondriac best friend Cameron Frye to help excuse Ferris girlfriend Sloane Peterson from school by claiming that her grandmother has died. Cameron calls the school pretending that to be Sloan’s father, Rooney, and his lovable secretary, Grace. No, Sloane is dating Ferris and they are suspicious of the call.

Ferris also calls the school during the middle of Cameron’s phone call to confirm his absence, thereby fooling Rooney and Grace. To complete the ruse that Sloane’s father is picking her up from school, Ferris somehow persuades Cameron to take his father’s prized possession, a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spider.

It is his love. It is his passion. It is His fault he didn’t lock the garage. Damn right. The boys successfully smuggle Salone out of school. The trio is free, but Cameron, fearing his father’s wrath, is dismayed when Ferris decides to take the car on a day trip into downtown Chicago. Ferris promises they will return the car as it was, including preserving the original abdominal mileage.

Meanwhile, Rooney still isn’t convinced that Ferris is really sick. He vows to find out the truth. That was a fucking slog. I’m sorry. Jesus. That was a long one though. That was, that was the hardest one. It’s a fucking paragraph. It’s not a book. It was a book. It was a novella. Yeah. Um, okay. So I don’t remember this opening.

Like I don’t remember it. Ferris is like when it, when we first see him as his parents discover he is sick, his face. Oh yeah. Nose his face. Hilarious. Well, he is laying it on thick, but yeah, the how it opens up at you here sets it up. That’s a nice, beautiful day there. You’re like, yeah, in Chicago, the radio idea comes on as like a 72 degrees.

Yeah. Upper seventies this afternoon or something. In Chicago, you’re like, oh, that’d be a great day. That’d a really nice day. I do have some things about I They self delivered. Yeah, I mean, they set it, they set it up just right. Yeah, absolutely. But I don’t ever remember like the wife calling like Tom. Tom, get in here!

Or whatever his fucking name is. Like, I, like, that was completely new to me. I completely forgot about that. Yeah, yeah, uh, speaking of them, Cindy Pickett and Lyman Ward playing Ferris parents, Katie and Tom. Uh, they actually married in real life after this. Yeah, I read about that after filming this movie and then later divorced shit in 1992.

Yep. I didn’t know, was it There was actually, yeah. A little bit of romance going on with characters in this. Yeah, in this, yeah. It’s another one we’re gonna talk about. Uh, oh, I don’t know about this one either, so. Oh, I know about the other one. Um, it’s, it’s actually 2, 2, 2 notes from now actually. Um, but yeah, my parents have told me to eat shit.

Yeah, like that. And you’re going to fucking school? Nah, nah, uh, they’d be like, uh. Absolutely. But the way he played off the reverse psychology was like, no, I want to go to college. I want to have a fruitful life. I want to go to college. I want to go to a good college. And so I can have a fruitful life. How about when his dad walks in and he goes, Papa, Papa or the genie like he can’t see genies like genie.

Is that you? Yeah. Genie. I just see spots. Try that one out and you could fertilize the lawn. She does. She’s not buying it at all. Oh yeah. I thought that was funny though. Cause when he is like laying it on thick for the parents, he does make eye contact with his sister and he’s like shushing her, winks at her, winks at her.

But then like most of this movie is her being like, I know he’s not really sick. I bet he’s, you know, like, you’re like, come on, man. He made it clear to you that like, you’re supposed to wingman and help him out. Yeah. Actually, speaking of Jeannie, uh, Jennifer gray played Jeannie, his sister. Uh, even though they played siblings, Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey would later become engaged after this movie.

Tragically, approximately a year later, after Broderick finished filming Biloxi Blues in 1988, and before Grey’s premiere for Dirty Dancing in 87, the couple was involved in a fatal crash in Northern Ireland where the passengers of the other vehicle, a mother and daughter, died in the accident. Yeah, he got charged.

That was when he did that. And Jeannie is not, she’s not buying his bullshit story. Right. Nope. No. I, I do. Yeah. Cause that one, please don’t be upset with me. You have your health. Be thankful. Yeah, and she’s like, she’s like, I could be bleeding out my eyes and you guys would make me go to school. How is that right?

Like, I feel like my brother Jim, he got to do that. He was always the one who was like, he’d be sick all the time. I’m like, man, he’s sick, you know? And I was like, come on. He gets to stay home from school all the time. Well, so I could kind of relate to that, but it was, it was just hilarious. This is the first time I noticed when she storms out and he’s still like laying it on thick for the parents that you hear her car peel out in the background

Right. I, I brought that, I, I had it that she’s off realize. Yeah, you could hear her. I didn’t realize that. Yeah, like she, like I was like, her hair’s ass out of that driveway. She’s like, I want out of this family. Yeah. It’s like a subtle thing. And I was like, oh, that’s fucking funny. I never noticed that. So I’ve got a, I’ve got a little monologue quote here.

If, if, if nobody else. I had one right when she is crashing out of the driveway, what he says to his parents. It’s nice to know that I have such loving, caring parents. You’re both very special people. God. I didn’t have that. Such a suck up, dude. Such a fucking suck up. So, so once he has tricked, you know.

They bought it. Yeah, they bought it. To the camera after tricking his parents into believing he’s sick. Incredible. One of the worst performances of my career and they never doubted it for a second. He opens the blinds to reveal a beautiful spring day. How can I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?

He begins fiddling with the electronics to fake his voice. This is my ninth sick day this semester. It’s getting pretty tough coming up with new illnesses. If I go for 10, I’m probably going to have to barf up a lung, so I better make this one count. That’s so good. The key to faking out the parents is the clammy hands.

It’s a good non specific symptom. I’m a big believer in it. A lot of people will tell you that a good phony fever is a deadlock, but uh, you get a nervous mother, you can wind up in a doctor’s office. And that’s worse than school. You fake a stomach cramp, and when you’re bent over, moaning and wailing, you lick your palms.

It’s a little childish and stupid, but then so is high school. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you can miss it. The way, the way he says, I do have a test today. That wasn’t, that wasn’t bullshit. It’s on European socialism. I mean, really, what’s the point? I’m not European.

I don’t plan on being European. So who gives a crap if they’re socialist? They could be fascist anarchists. It still wouldn’t change the fact that I don’t own a car. He starts singing in the shower, puts his hand over the camera while he washes his junk so, so you can’t see him. Yeah, he’s got that mohawk.

It’s not that I condone, it’s not that I condone fascism or any ism for that matter. Isms isn’t, in my opinion, are not good. A person should not believe in an ism. He should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon. I don’t believe in Beatles. I just believe in me. Good point there. After all, he was the walrus.

I could be the walrus. I’d still have to bum rides off of people. I could be, I could be the walrus. I love it because like, this is so John Hughes too. Well, a lot of good films, but right, like they’re foreshadowing what his desire is going to be, which is like, he’s got to find somebody who’s got a ride for him.

Absolutely. Which cues in, you know, him trying to loop Cameron into this whole thing because You know, we all had that friend, right? Like, or I remember like Steve Kemp was this guy, right? Like he was the one that was older than all of us at the time. He could drive before anybody else could drive in high school.

I never saw him in the same room as Thor. Strange, but yeah, go on. That’s funny too. You know, I didn’t either. But anyways, yeah, I, I can relate to the whole, like, Having to find your friend that could drive and kind of figuring out some way to get them to drive you where you wanted to go. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah.

And at the, in this movie, it’s so funny because they, you know, Cameron has to, he has to find, you know, he doesn’t have a car. Which, which is funny because as you go through that, his room, he has that synth all this insane, like the synth is more than a car. Yeah. Synth was like a grain. Yeah. Like that emu uh, seed back in the day.

Yeah. I saw something about that too. Alright. Or he’s got like a Bridge’s a legit. He’s got a Gretsch Falcon guitar, which is probably like 25, 000 nowadays, like, I didn’t even notice it. Cost. He probably be a good three 50. Not one lesson. I was gonna say, not one lesson could be nice, but I doubt it. Um, but I did have a note on how sick his room is.

Oh, so sick. Yeah, it’s pretty, it’s pretty, uh, I say it’s a busy room. It’s full. Yeah, it’s very busy. It’s very busy on the wall’s. Not a lot of cool shit. The corner room with those windows. Oh, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. The windows are. You know, that’s a nice place to live. Maybe in the winter, it gets a little bit tough, but man, what a nice place.

I don’t, you know, I don’t have the, the version of like the DVD that has the, like, um, commentate, like the version, like where, you know, like John Hughes and the commentary where they’re talking, but I guess he said like, This is what my room would’ve looked like when I was a kid. Like this is what I wanted my room to look like.

And he was all over totally. Like he was really into the Beatles and shit. Like he said, Beatles changed his life, which a lot of kids at that age, you know, at his age would’ve said. But you, you know what’s funny when, when he’s talking to the camera in there, right behind him, up on the left is a killing joke poster.

Yes, I know. I don’t dunno if you saw that killing joke. My notes. I think I didn’t notice it until later, but it’s, it’s in my notes because yeah, that was, that was one of the only things that I noticed in his room because everything else is like the British flag. There’s the mannequin, there’s a sticker of boobs on the dresser.

Like, well, did you, did you guys notice like during that monologue where he breaks the fourth wall, that shot was quoting and cuts to the Ben Stein, uh, in the classroom, you know, people are so good, but he, before he gets to Bueller, the classic. There’s like eight or nine fucking a names right to fry. It goes from B to F.

I actually said like the, all his, his, uh, bad sick acting was more convincing than their, than that class going from B to F. So, yeah, yeah. But, but when we were introduced and of course we, we talked about this and I opened the episode with it, the Bueller, you know, four times, it’s still an iconic quote. Uh, when Ben Stein is taking role, I think Chrissy Swanson is Anderson.

Maybe, um, she was, she was, and now we’ve got not only Jennifer gray, we haven’t met, uh, Sloan yet, but Jennifer gray and Chrissy Swanson were two of my major childhood crushes. And then we have another person in this class who. Is noteworthy. Max Perlich. Yes. I got it from, from cleaning the cube. He was yabo and gleaming The cube.

That’s right. Yabo. I didn’t notice him. Yep. I, I noticed, but I didn’t know his name. His underground, I didn’t know his name. His underground bedroom in the backyard. Bomb shelter. The little fucking skate. So sick. The skate thing. Yeah. Uh, so this is where we, so we, we, we went to Ben Stein. Right? We got to Ben Stein.

Yeah. Yeah. We’re about to, we’re about to see Cameron Fry for the first time. Wait, wait, wait. But um, he’s sick. Anybody have that? What the quote, my best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from with this guy who knows this kid, what’s going, who’s going with a girl who saw Ferris pass out 31 flavors last night, I guess it’s pretty serious.

Yeah, that was great. That was the one land. Yeah. But then, yeah, it does cut to Cameron’s house. And in Cameron’s bedroom. How sick is Cameron’s house though? It like it shows the outdoor shot. It’s like in the woods. Yeah, it’s cool on the outside. Eighties. Modern. Like architecturally, like I do love that land though.

That’s like my ultimate land. The inside is tree lot hospital esque. Yeah. That’s what I want. But so I’ve been like inside you like the inside? No, I just want the tree lot. Yeah. That’s like, that’s my dream. I always talk about that was like the, like I built my dream house on a tree lot like that. We actually went by that house, right?

That was the one we saw. I’m almost. Positive. I don’t recall for sure. Probably. I think that was the one with night. Yeah. I think they saw the home alone house and that one and they’re right by dress. But yeah, we get, we get introduced Cameron and Alan Ruck is fucking great in this. He is. I love Alan Ruck by the way.

He was sick as fuck and a twister as well. So speed. So we have a, uh, we get to see Katie Buehler’s office. Oh, yeah. Here shortly. Yep. Uh, literally. And you get an outdoor view of it. This is literally the same block as the stores and the ice rink scene in Home Alone. Same, same place. Huh. Where he, where he steals the toothbrush.

Yeah, with the drugstore on the corner there. You can actually see like the corner there. Nice. There’s like a Also inside of Katie Buehler’s office there are several pictures of buildings on the wall and one of them is Samantha Baker’s house from 16 Candles. Oh, that’s funny. See, I wish I knew about those Easter eggs.

You know, what’s funny, you know, what’s funny is uh That’s kind of my gig on here though. Before we go on, you know, I just wanted to say, you know, the part where Cameron, he calls Cameron and he’s like, And he, the answering machine goes on and the hand hits the button on the answering machine. That is John Hughes hand.

Is it? I didn’t know that. Cause he was like, he said they kept taking shots of this and he’s like, I, it needs a more dramatic, like, I don’t know, something he didn’t like. And so after they all left, he just filmed a part of him just, he did it on his own. Yeah. Sort of like putting the, that’s funny. So when Rudy does call the mom, that’s why we see the office.

Yep. And then he forgot. Yeah. She forgot to excuse him and all of that. That’s when he’s like, you know, I think, uh, you know, I, I think, I think your son might be full of shit basically is where he’s like calling her out. It’s like, uh, I think he’s leading you nine times leading you down the primrose path.

Yes. Exactly. She’s like, he’s like, uh, well he’s missed nine times. She’s like, oh, this is, this is news to me. It usually is. Yeah. Yeah. And then immediately the number starts to go to the system that back then we were like, Whoa, he hacked the mainframe, hacked the mainframe. That’s the only way he could have done it.

He totally fucking hacked the mainframe. He threw a microchip. So, Matthew Broderick has been doing that for a while now. He knows how to hack. That is very believable in this movie. This is true. He nearly caused World War 3 once. It’s kind of like in um, like all the technology they have in weird science, right?

With all the computers. Because he said too, that was another thing they said about like, How he doesn’t have a car, but he’s got all this super like expensive shit in his room. Like that, a computer back then that could access the internet was like 2, 000. Like it was expensive. I have no idea that we even like that capability to do that.

Yeah. That’s suspension of disbelief stuff. And I don’t know what it’s the same stuff that, uh, what’s his name was doing to when he drew Andy’s fucking face in, uh, Oh yeah. Pretty in pink or 16 candles or whichever one made a picture of him come up. And we were talking about how, like. You’re really Then that’s not, that wasn’t really a thing.

If you were going to download it, it would have like taken three hours. Uh, this is where we get introduced to our beloved Edie McClurg. Oh yeah, seven pencils. Yeah, pulling all these pencils out of her hair. Such a great character. I did learn a side note about that. She showed up on set with her, she was like, this character would have like this poofy hair, so she made it that way.

When she shows up, John Hughes looks at her and he goes, How many pencils do you think we can get in there? And she’s like, I don’t know. Let’s find out. She goes, the number was four. I had four in there that you, that would stay in there and you couldn’t see them. Right. So that’s what that scene was, was her like pulling out.

I’m like, God, that’s so fucking good. She is awesome. I mean, that little detail, that’s like, that’s the coolest. And then there’s another little detail with her. So we, we see her and she’s pulling the pencils out and then it kind of goes back and forth between her and Rooney. Uh huh. And then it pans back to her and she’s sniffing the white out.

Yeah. And she goes, Yeah, like, I didn’t notice that. Yeah, she’s like, yeah, all of her subtle stuff is so good. Well, it’s like that, I think that was just a little Edie McClurg thing, like the gobble gobble. Yeah, yeah, yeah, totally. And then this is where, at this point, this is when we see the Yeah. And it’s a subtle nod to war games when he, when he, uh, hacks into the school’s computer to change his grades.

Yup. And then this is where I noticed the killing joke. It goes back to his room. Yeah. Well, and I noticed the killing joke. I did have one quote of the mother on the phone that I forgot about. Okay. When she says, Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. She says to like, he sees the number dropping, right? And he’s like, grace. And he’s like holding the phone.

He’s like starting to yell. Cause he’s like starting to panic. Like, what the fuck is he up to? And then, uh, the mother goes, there is, is truly a very sick boy.

I just love it. She called her son truly a very sick boy. Yeah. And it’s so great because like, in some ways there’s kind of truth to it. Yeah. I heard he’s a sociopath. Actually, he’s a sociopath. That’s it. But. I wanna point out how many, do you guys know how many outfit changes he has in this movie? No, but every, he, he’s different outfit, picks him up.

It’s nine. Did you know that? No. Pick up. I noticed every time they, they show him he’s in a different outfit. Yeah. Up through the point when they pick up Sloan. Which I don’t know how many it is, but it’s every, literally every towel, a robe. Yeah. And he was in like, uh, when he was in his room, like I got them all right here, you guys ready?

It goes from the good night gear to the bathing suit. I’m sorry. Good night gear to the towel and everything like that. I’m talking about like actual clothes. It goes good night gear. When he first wakes up a bathing suit, blue collared shirt, when he’s hacking the computer, different blue collared shirts, when he’s playing the clarinet Hawaiian shirt, uh, when he’s dancing, uh, to the, I dream of genie song, which then funnily enough.

Cuts right to genie, uh, at school, a different pair of pants when he’s, uh, talking to cam, uh, as he’s, uh, talking to him again, he has, it was like stripy pants on there and then the, then the suit and tie and then finally goes to the vest and, uh, the leather jacket. And you said nine times, which is funny cause there’s supposed to be some, there’s supposed to be something like some, the number nine tie in this movie, which is.

Why he has Rooney nine. That’s why they picked the number nine. Just ’cause he said he, he said it the way he said, said so funny. Yeah. Way. He said it was nine, nine times times. I actually wrote nine times. So the, the shot to me back to the clarinet thing though, the shot of Ferris playing the clarinet was actually.

Um, improv. It was done on the spot. Someone spotted the instrument as part of the set and Matthew Broderick said he could play it, which of course he couldn’t. Oh, wow. And then he improvised the line, never had one lesson. Yeah, it’s basically acted as like a funny cut scene to be like, yeah, he’s very sick and it shows him jacking around.

Exactly, yeah. And then it cuts back to Ben Stein lecturing. It was like, anyone? Anyone, anyone, and just the board, like the looks on everyone’s faces and like, Oh yeah, nobody knows anything that he’s lecturing about economics. Voodoo question to the kids and blank. Do you know what happened? Okay. So John, he was told Ben Stein, who had a degree in economics to present an actual economics lecture in the scenes.

Nothing he is saying in his lecture is scripted. It’s all real. Well, and before this, he wasn’t an actor. Like I, I don’t think he, yeah, this was, I think this was his first thing. He, so he, yeah, he was just like, just talk about some, talk about some boring shit, you know, and then Yeah. Was like, wasn’t school like that though?

You remember how many times he used Stomach? I remember. I remember. Uh, oh. Yeah. I’ve got a pretty good, uh, I, I’ve got a, a little dialogue section from Ed and Ed Rooney and Grace. Okay. Yeah. When we’re ready for it. Um, hold on. Even before we get there though, do we have. About like, this is where, cause when it cuts the genie after you had said that he, the I dream of genie cuts genie, when it shows her at school, the purpose of that is you’re starting to see that the rumors are spreading that he’s dying and chip and it’s pissing her off even more.

Yeah. Because she’s getting her brother who’s faking it not only gets the sympathy of the parents, but now the entire school, all of her peers also buy his bullshit. Right. She’s the only one. And it’s just this little shit who just, every time he cuts to him, you know, playing clarinet dancing, he’s fucking around.

Yeah. It’s so great. There’s two that don’t believe him. Jeannie and Rooney. Yeah. Jeannie and Rooney are definitely two peas in a pod. So we see Jeannie, uh, there, and then, uh, it cuts to those three dudes at the phone from the payphone. So, so Ferris just, I think Ferris just called the school. And someone just picked up or whatever, just a high school kid being the shit.

Oh, Hey, what’s up? Like, yeah, he’s getting me out of summer school. But yeah, he’s using the sick machine on his synthesizer. I thought that was the fucking funny part. Yeah. He’d make, hit a button to make it sound like puking and coughing. And he’s like, yeah, you remember an alien where the guy comes out of the guy’s stomach.

It’s like, how you feel? Yeah. Remember an alien where the thing comes out of the guy’s stomach. Kinda like that. And he goes, , everyone buys it. And then he plays the

So good . And then we go to, uh, one, a great, uh, interaction between Grace and Rooney, right? Yes. Oh, yes, yes. So Rooney goes, I don’t trust this kid any further than I can throw him. And she goes, well, with your bad knee ed, you shouldn’t throw anybody. And he looks at her irritated. It’s true. And he goes, what is so dangerous about a character like Ferris Bueller is he gives good kids bad ideas.

Uh huh. Last thing I need at this point in my career is 1500 Ferris Bueller disciples running around these halls. He jeopardizes my ability to effectively govern this student body. Well, makes you look like an ass is what he does, Ed. Thank you, Grace. I think you’re wrong. Oh, he’s very popular, Ed. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts.

Bloods, Waste oids, Dweebies, Dickheads. They all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude. Which she ad libbed the last line, by the way. They think he’s a righteous dude. That is why I’ve got to catch him this time. To show these kids the example he sets as a first class ticket to nowhere. Me hands Grace some papers.

Oh, Ed, you sounded like Dirty Harry just then you got it. You got it. Really? Uh huh. And he scoffs lightly. Thanks, Grace. You should have. He gives a little squint look like this. Yeah. Yeah. They think he’s a righteous dude. The names of the clicks here. I mean, cause we all know in high school, all these clicks, like the freaks and the whoever, right?

Like, yeah, she gets the bloods in there and the sluts, the dick heads, by the way, the dweebies. We know the Sportos, maybe the Motorheads, the Wasteoids, I get that, Sluts, yeah, Bloods, Dweebies, Dickheads, so good. Uh, so when, when, when Ferris calls Cameron and he, he’s sitting there at his desk on the phone.

Yeah, yeah. There’s a, uh, a poster. From the Phantasmagoria album from The Damned that’s on the, on the wall. Wow. Uh, that I noticed. Um, and then, this basically part of this conversation has the, Ferris goes, if you’re not over here in 15 minutes, you can find a new best friend. And Cameron goes, you’ve been saying that since fifth grade.

Well, did you notice he’s wearing like a blood pressure cuff? On his arm. Is that what that is? Yeah. He’s wearing a blood pressure. He’s like getting ready to take his blood pressure and then he gets ready. Like that, like that’s how it can’t camera’s a hypochondriac for sure. You got to see that a hundred percent.

And then there’s like, isn’t there like a scene in here where his dad kind of checks on him and he kind of bullshits his dad right here. That’s right here. Yeah. And then, uh, then it cuts back to where he’s just like. I’m disappointed in camera. Bet you 20 bucks or something like that. You debating whether to come.

There you go again. There you go again. Knocking shit over. Yeah. Yeah, dude, normally I’m the one that does that shit and then Cameron’s in the car, right? And he’s just like, he’ll keep calling me, he’ll calling me, he’ll make me feel bad or whatever. He’s like, I’ll go, I’ll go. I’ll go. I’ll. I’ll go. I’ll go.

It’s furious. It’s like furious indecision about going to get married and when he sniffs, he’ll make me feel, he’s like a little kid. He’s like, yes. Yep. That he’s such a great actor. Yeah. Why is he wearing a Gordy? How Jersey? You know, there’s a story with that right In in Chicago that wouldn’t fly. That’s funny.

But Detroit Red, red Wings. So, and initially, uh, John Hughes is from Michigan, I think. I believe, or somewhere up there. But Gordy, how is his favorite player? Well, I mean, that’s Detroit Red Wing Wings. And that, so that’s kind of why that is. But also I guess I had read, you probably read this too. Shroud that growing up, he had a friend that was like this hypochondriac friend.

Really? That was always sick. And he, he said something like, like. He, he felt the only time he felt good is when he was actually sick because they actually, he actually had really something that they could name, like, Oh, you got the flu or something. He felt like other times he just felt sick all the time and couldn’t figure out why he was really sick.

It was just a hypochondriac. And like, this is kind of. Him like a nod to his friend, right? I never knew that. Yeah. Yeah. The Gordie, how did you have anything else on that? Shroud? I think he was originally from the Michigan area or something like that. But Gordie, how was definitely his favorite player. And he said, that’s why he had, he’s like, Cameron wouldn’t warn that.

That was just kind of a. Thing I wanted in the movie. Yeah. I mean, but he’s wearing it like all through Chicago. Yeah. Like throughout the day. Is it, he didn’t even wear it to Wrigley. It certainly helps him be Wrigley. I’m sure his character be spotted on screen really well too. Right. Yeah. But absolutely not hiding.

So then, um, uh, But when he’s like jumping around and pouting in the driveway, you know, when it comes to him, like they all go, and then he like kept turning on and off the car and he’s like getting out, jumping in the driveway, he’s so frustrated. Um, I thought that was great. And then when it cuts back to school, this is where we see the nurse coming in.

To pull Sloan Peterson out of class. Yeah. But you know, it’s like the first thing I noticed is that Sloan expected that. So she was obviously in on this shit. She’s like putting her coat on. Yeah. She’s like, Oh, there she is. Yeah. Because that like helps tell you that she doesn’t truly believe that her grandmother died.

Right. Right. She’s like in on it. Yeah. But that’s a good point. She’s in on it. But then at the end of the movie, she said something like, you had this planned all day long, didn’t you? Or something like that. You had, you, when you woke up this morning, you had this planned all day. So like, did he call her like, right?

Yeah, how did she, what was the interaction in between where she knows? Yeah, there’s a few of those things. Yeah, there’s a couple of inconsistencies. Man, I just love that. The, the Cameron pretending to be, uh, Sloan’s dad. And the voice he uses is so comedic and super like, um, it makes you think of like a cowardly lion.

Kind of like old school, like old timey guy, old timey guy. Um, and then the way, uh, Grace inserts little jabs to him, uh, while he’s on the phone with when, when, when Rooney is on the phone with who he thinks is Mr. Peterson. Grace inserts little jabs. Um, and then she gets on the phone for a second and pretends to be Mr.

Rooney. And just, oh, That was my, that was improvised. And it was so fucking funny. He’s running around and that’s after he’s figured out that the shot where Um, you know, cause they, he’s like, Oh yeah, you just produce a body and all, or he’s like, show me the corpse or whatever. And he was like, roll, roll back of bones over here.

But what’s so great, he’s like, it’s Ferris, I’m going to set a trap or whatever it is. But the best part about it is. If very first time seeing this, you would, you wouldn’t know that that’s Cameron, right? That was, I was going to say it hasn’t shown camera on the phone, right? It just heard the voice. And of course you’ve seen it a bunch of times.

So, you know, it’s him. But the first time you’re seeing this, you just hear the voice and you’re like, Oh, you don’t know it’s fake yet, right? And then it cuts to cam in the kitchen. It’s just like, Oh fuck. Oh, that’s so genius that they did that, that he, he thought to make a call while that call was happening because he knew Rooney.

And there’s another play on that later in the French restaurant, right? But. That’s the funny thing. Like with these phones, like I said, now you, it wouldn’t really work like that. You’d have caller ID, you’d be able to see who’s calling you. You couldn’t, you couldn’t do these phony calls or whatever. But it’s, it’s really funny when Ferris calls and he’s like, Hey, uh, this is Ferris Buehler.

Can I, can I talk to Mr. Rooney? And then it comes to him and that’s where he’s talking to him and he’s like. Tell you what? Dipshit. Yeah. Yeah. You don’t like my policies. He’s like, what? He’s like, what? And he covers the phone. She’s like, Harris, peel her online too. And how it zooms in on his face. Yeah. The panic.

Oh yeah. It goes, please. There’s so many moments in that, that scene might be the best scene of the best, like the best franticness. Yeah. Well, the best part about it is like when he’s sitting there right after camp or a Ferris is done saying, can you have VI Jeanie take all my shit. Uh, it goes back to the phone and his light’s flashing is like those door, like death bells.

Like, yep. Like he knows he’s gonna like, oh fuck. So he clicks over. And then he’s like, I owe you apologies. Like, I should say you do his mouth, the way his mouth because that’s when you see it’s Cameron. Yeah. Because it’s in Ferris walks into the kitchen where Cameron’s making the phony call. He’s like, I’m afraid he’s going to find out.

He’s like, no, no, you’re doing great. You don’t quit. Call me, sir. God damn it. Because now he has the upper hand. Cause at first when Rudy’s talking, we’ll see a body. He’s like, wow. He’s like kind of being calm about it. But it’s once he establishes that he’s not Ferris, he gets cocky. And that’s where he starts like really talking.

A family member dies and you insult me. It’s so good. Uh, was this, was this your wife or was this your mother? Oh, no, it was my wife’s, you know, and what Ferris did when he called in, it was so subtle. He’s just basically like, yeah, I don’t know if you heard, but I’m like out sick. So if you can just hear my sister totally not acting sick at all, totally like, you know, if you could have him say my assignments for give my assignments to my sister, he has plausible deniability.

So he likes to rub it in just a little bit. No, I feel great, but I’m sick, so I’m sick and okay. So then they get, he goes and pulls Sloan out, right? Is that where we are? No, not yet. We actually get where we go into the garage and we get the car. Oh, yeah, that whole interaction with between Ferris and when it gets off the phone, it’s like, how did you have a little argument?

Yeah, why did you hit me? And why’d you? Yeah, yeah. He’s like, I didn’t hit you. I lightly slapped you. I lightly slapped you. You hit me. You hit me. And this is where we have to go there because he’s like, well, Because he’s like, well, you messed up. He’s like, so I’m going to have to ask you for a favor.

Because he’s got to act like his dad. He’s like, you’re never going to believe he drives a piece of shit car. He’s like, it’s not a piece of shit car. I don’t even have a piece of shit. It is a piece of shit. I don’t even have a piece of shit to call. No, you’re right. That’s, that was, that’s a good part. And that leads us right to the garage.

Yeah. And you see that the, uh, the license plate on the Ferrari says NRV OUS. Yeah. Nervous. Well, there are several, there are several things later. Okay. The license plates. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. We’ll get there. All right. I was just bringing it up. Foreshadowing. Yeah. If it’s an inconsistency, I didn’t know what to get there for sure.

I didn’t, I didn’t pay. That is the cleanest garage I’ve ever seen. It was like, it’s like, I thought it was a rich man’s garage forever. It’s a museum. Well, yeah, yeah. For what I thought for the longest time, it’s just like a show room garage type of thing like that. But no, there’s like, there’s a tool chest right there.

Like a Ferrari tool. Yes. Yep. So like that thing’s more expensive than one of the stainless that you would be, you know, what’s, I actually researched that. I’ve got a craftsman of my own. It would be. The insurance to even keep that thing on set would be so at that time. Yeah. So they had a real one that they had.

They, you know, they filmed with using replicas for like the 12 of them. I think it was like three. They said even at that time, that car meant was worth like 15 million. It was unreal. Yeah. Like, like serious investment. Was there any real one? Yeah, there was one. The one in the garage is a real. Yeah. Like mint 1961.

Then they had spider Ferrari to one that was souped up for the, uh, for the garage workers. Then they had one that the kids drove and then there had one that was just the shell on a chassis that they crashed. Yeah. The one that crashes. Yeah. Those are like the main one car. Yeah. That was all three. Yeah.

They’re just, they’re Mustangs with a. A kit fiberglass shell. Yep. Yeah. And they said they were kind of gremlins. Like they broke down and had a lot of issues, but man, it looks, it looks good. Well, so I would take that for the price. I don’t, I don’t want a 15 million car. No, I’ll take that. I’ll just take the fiberglass one because I don’t want a 15 million car either.

No. Yeah, no. I’d be like, Oh God, a piece of rock hit it. Okay. We’re taking it inside. Yeah. It could get. Yeah. I could get that. I’m jumping ahead to a different scene. Okay. Get, get, get, get, get, get, get, get, get, get, get you drunk. Oh shit. Uh, aren’t we there? Cause are we there yet? No, because that’s, that’s where we got to go pick up Sloane.

So this is when they pick up Sloane. Do you have the quote and this is when we, yeah, that they also did it. It is, uh, it is his love. It is his passion that came in the garage scene. Yeah, it is. It is his fault. He didn’t like the garage. I thought that was a fun little quotable line. That’s so good. This is where basically when they go pick up Sloane, this is the point when Ferris has had a different outfit on in every scene.

Yes, yes. And then after, after this point, it doesn’t happen anymore. Right? Right. But this is the trench coat over what he’s gonna wear for the rest of the Yes, yes. Yep. Film song there. And I thought it was funny that he, that sounds good. Why didn’t he. Why didn’t he have Cameron Cameron pretend to be I always thought about that too, like, because it’s obviously him.

Yeah, like, there is no way it’s not him. But I have several like, here’s my thing with this scene. When Ferris pretended to be Sloan’s dad, she walks up. And he, and he French kisses her. Right. Oh, and Rooney just kind of shrugs it off. Like kind of uncomfortable. That’s how it is. That’s how it is in their family.

In reality, this sort of thing would have, should have had way more of a reaction from Rooney. Yeah. Yeah. And make it like skeptical. Yeah. Like if I saw someone, I know French kissing their dad, I’d be like, you know, something’s up, the Oh, Sloan deer, you know, hurry along now. She goes, I guess that’s my dad.

You know, it’s a subtle line. I guess that’s my dad. She’s like, Mr. Rooney, Ed, I want to thank you for your warmth. You’re such a beautiful man. You’re such a beautiful man. Like, they’re so fucking These kids are so full of shit. That’s right. So then we get Ferris speeding and jumping in the Ferrari. Yeah, they’re driving like, yeah, like, what are you doing in the car?

And Rudy could still hear him like, yeah, already. And as they’re driving away, um, I got one thing that I didn’t, I didn’t know where to tie this in just yet. Um, since we’ve seen some of the school and we’ve seen the outside of the school. The kids, obviously they go to Shermer High School in Shermer, Illinois, which is, which is a fictional suburb of Chicago, right?

Uh, this is the same school from Weird Science, 16 Candles and the Breakfast Club. Yep. Some of the same hallways, etc. appear in all these movies. Very cool. They all go to the same school. And this goes back to what I was saying. So I did a search. So John, John grew up, John Hughes in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, and they moved to Northbrook, Illinois, which is why Illinois.

Did I say Illinois? Yeah, that’s fine. Illinois. Illinois. But that’s where he went to Grove Middle School and Glenbrook North High School. And he used pieces of that school for these, a lot of these films. And then you guys talked about it in Home Alone. The Home Alone one. Yep. Which school was it that he was at?

One point in 19 81, 1 of these schools got closed and that’s how he, it was the one that was closed? Yeah. And that’s where he made the offices set up the production offices. Yeah. And then they just set up a replica of the house. Yeah. The, a basement in the gym, in the pool. And then the basement was in the pool.

The house was in the gym. I love it. So that’s abandoned school. That’s not the same one as these. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. Right, right. But he used a lot of these different schools. Mm-Hmm. as Schirmer, which, Schirmer, that’s how the beginning of Breakfast Club. It says Schirmer High School, Schirmer, Illinois, right?

Well, um, essentially they’re all the same. You guys, yeah. Did you guys catch the reference to Schirmer later on? Well, maybe, maybe I don’t want to talk about it just yet, but I got after they were driving away, how it cuts there. Now they’re just immediately on Lake shore drive. Like that epitome Chicago drive that we see in the vacation movies.

So many others. So, but, uh, the question isn’t after that, it like cuts back to the school again. And you see, like, you see the tension building more for Jeannie as like, now they’re trying to get donations for Paris’s kidney and all this shit. And she, she’s so angry and she snaps at that fucking kid. Yeah.

Um, What does he say? I know she tells him to piss up a flagpole. He says something like, uh, what if, what if you need a, a favor from Ferris someday? How do you heartless winch? Yeah. And then when it cuts back to Rooney now in the office, now he’s starting to think about that kiss and everything. He’s like, wait a minute.

Give me that. Doesn’t he want like, he’s like, give me Mr. Peterson’s daytime phone number. He’s like something doesn’t smell right. Well, but then it cuts and it. The number goes to, uh, Paris’s house. No, it goes to Sloan’s house. I thought, I thought it was Paris’s room. I think at first, doesn’t it first go to Cameron’s where he’s like, Cawthorne Brothers Mortuary.

No, that, she leaves, she leaves. Uh, uh, Sloan leaves a message on her machine. Oh, right. That’s about this. Let’s go. And so he writes down the number and then he calls it, which is then to Cameron’s house, which is the mortuary mortuary. We will get back to you as soon as this organ playing in the background.

They just, they leave him with like no choice and no one to call, which I wrote down again. Again, this is something that is. Very back then because you couldn’t do all these things. Yeah, like it’s pretty genius for these kids. No, it is. And I think, yeah, in a lot of these, his films, you know, there’s some kind of like the kids have some kind of like science mind or like engineering mind where they’re able to like.

Like in home alone, like he uses these things to trick people, you know, or like in home loan too. He uses that recorder to like modulate his voice and sound like, like it’s totally like weird science, weird science. Um, but after that, like phone tag that Rooney like realizes he can’t get anywhere. That’s where I have that.

The scene ends is where he’s just like, no, something’s up with, I’m going to, I’m going to catch him, you know, like you got pretty much the house to like. They never truly have Rooney fooled. No, no, not, not for one moment. No, I mean, enough to get Sloan out of the school. They kind of caught him sleep for a minute.

I, you know, I think there’s always, there’s always part of these John, that is completely unbelievable, but it just passes in the movie. And that’s kind of the cool thing about the movies too, is like, there’s no. No way. All right. Yeah. But anyways, yeah, that’s it. That’s yeah. I don’t get it. Is that the, is that the end of one?

That is the end of one. Ready for scene two? Yes. Ferris, Cameron, and Sloan arrived downtown and leave the car with two parking attendants at a parking garage against Cameron’s wishes. Of course, the attendants immediately take the car on a joy ride as the friends head to their first activity, the Sears Tower.

Meanwhile, Ferris mother comes to check on him at home. His Rube Goldberg esque setup successfully fools his mother again. Next, we see the trio enter a fancy restaurant for lunch. Ferris uses his skills to scam a table for him and his friends. We learn a little more about Cameron’s sad home life, and Jeannie’s anger towards Ferris seems to be growing as she unsuccessfully attempts to speak to Mr.

Rooney at school. The gang gracefully avoids an unexpected encounter with Ferris father before we see Rooney begin his search for Ferris at a pizza place. But he wouldn’t find them there because they had made their way to Wrigley Field to enjoy an afternoon Cubs game. Rooney then prowls the Buehler home for Ferris, becoming victim to several pratfalls and a dog attack.

Oh man. Great scene. After the game, the friends head to the Art Institute of Chicago, then they must again avoid another run in with Ferris father before they come upon a parade through the streets of downtown Chicago. Ferris manages to mysteriously separate from his friends at the parade and ends up energizing the whole event with a lip sync.

Performance of Donkey Shayne, darling Donkey Shayne. Followed up with twist and shout, twist and shout from a parade float. Meanwhile, Jeannie has skipped the rest of her classes and returns home to confront Ferris, but finds Rooney instead. Shocked by his appearance, she doesn’t recognize him and she knocks him unconscious.

She runs in her room and calls the police. Rooney regains consciousness. He accidentally drops his wallet in the kitchen and leaves on foot after discovering his car has been towed. Also, while leaving his keys in the door. Totally. Car has been code, guys. The car has been code. Got it. Back downtown, the gang is at the garage to pick up the Ferrari.

Finally putting Cameron at ease. Until Ferris notices the odometer, Cameron blows a microchip and goes catatonic, catatonic, Cameron Rose. No, no, no. Wow. We’re keeping that one in. We’re keeping that one in. Cameron blows a microchip and goes catatonic. It doesn’t matter. That’s just a pointless read right there.

Andy’s in control. I am. All right. It can get breathed on wrong. Like we started, we could, we started this quote earlier and we got shut down. It could get, I got a little something about the parking attendant. He’s from another, he’s from another movie there. He’s in, he’s in a ton of shit. Yeah, like B roll stuff.

Uh, he’s definitely a unique looking dude. I’m not going to go over, yeah, he’s very unique looking. I’m not going to go over his, his filmography. But his name is Richard Edson. He’s been in literally hundreds of movies and a bunch of TV shows. And what you don’t know about him is that he is the original, original, he’s the original drummer from a band that we all know.

Really? I did not know this. He was in the band from 1981 to 1982 and played on their debut self titled EP and then left the band. Oh, who? Oh, hold on. Ween. I was going to say he’s the poor man’s Danny Trejo. And then everyone would go, Oh, that guy. Yeah. Yeah. Cause they would know kind of is, but, uh, he was in a little band called Sonic youth.

No shit. Yeah. Wow. Original drummer of Sonic youth. That is a trip. That’s insane. Yeah. Hold on. Could I have told that Andy brought up this on the screen? I was like, uh, yep. Former drummer of Sonic Youth. Sonic Youth right here. Yeah. Right there in the trivia. One of the first things I honestly didn’t even find that in the trivia.

I found it on, I found it on his Wikipedia. Huh? Huh. See what a finky can do to a guy’s attitude. See what? Afin. Finky. So Chicago talking, calling it a finky. I always thought he was, he. So him fi uh, 50 bucks, $5. Bill Finky. Well, and then like, and I noticed, I always thought he was like throwing around a lot more cash.

Did you What Finky is? I didn’t. Clearly he haven’t been to Chicago like we have. Yeah, clearly. So they call, so you guys had malort then. Is it actually gross? Yes. I love the label. The label on those, those bottles is sick. Oh, it’s, yeah, it is. Um, what does it taste like? Uh, notes of gasoline, grapefruit, sweat, wax, fire, mineral oil, and bitterness.

That’s what it tastes like. You know, it leads with notes of gasoline. Yes. You want to drink it? Good Lord. No. There’s one thing in there that sounds good and it’s grapefruit. Yeah. The rest of it is gross. No, dude. Great. But it has sweat in there. Yeah, sweat. But wax tastes like fire, tastes like paste, tastes like some sandwiches.

All right. Where are we? We are in the parking lot, right? And they’re giving the car to the guy that we’ve realized was a sonic youth drummer. And we saw that. Yeah. And then we see them immediately like steal the car. When these kids back returned to their Audi 5, 000. Yeah. I like when, uh, Cameron says, uh, he’s like, relax.

I’m a professional. He’s like. Professional what? Yeah. Oh, yeah. But do you guys see what the name of the Uh, garages. No, no. A one easy. Okay. Park. Oh man. But back then they would do that first in the phone book. Yep. Easy. Okay. Park. A one easy. Okay. Park triple a bail bonds or whatever. Yeah. We go to a one easy.

Okay. Park and then watch the bears. Ferris’s mom coming home. She’s about to check on him. Yeah. What’s your license plate say? VCTN. DCKMNCH. No, it says VCTN, like, like vacation, like as in National Lampoon’s vacation. We have our first, Oh shit. First license plate that we’re going to mention. It’s not, it’s not on the Ferrari.

Ferrari is nervous. There’s four other license plates in the movie that say something. I only tie them all together with a bow at the end. Okay. I only got two. I know. No, I didn’t. I saw vacation. So VCT and I go because it wasn’t the name of her real estate for the longest time. I thought it was like a real estate company.

No, that’s called coding, coding and toning and stray. So she works for Coney Coning and Stray Realty just heads up. So speaking of Katie’s car with the VCTN license plate, this wood paneled station wagon. Uh, I fucking love it and I would drive it now. Also, I think it’s cool that that one is the one that they chose to have say vacation.

And it’s not like the wagon family truckster, but it’s kind of like the wagon family truckster, right? Yep. Cool. Um, she goes in the house and she fucking believes and falls for the, the mannequin. Yeah. You see like the way he has it all rigged up as a counterweight, the fucking arm, even though he has the, the wood is like the wooden arm hanging out.

Well, it’s still like the, I. I made a comment about that, but at the same time you think about it, like we have much higher deaf definition now. So that you wouldn’t have seen the, all that stuff. I don’t remember as a kid seeing that on the grainy VHS copy of whatever this was. Which is funny too, because on the opening scene where he’s, you know, breaking the fourth wall, he’s talking to it.

You can see him with the trophy and the string rigging up this thing. Yes, I didn’t notice that until I started researching it. While he’s talking about the clammy hands and ways to fool his parents. Yeah. He’s like rigging up the trophy. I saw that. I saw that like way back then. And like, I would have brought it up, but like, yeah, that’s the foreshadowing of like what he’s doing with that.

And we’ll get there at the end, but I have a funny part. Remind me, uh, of like the fourth wall at the, at the very beginning of the movie and the end. Yep. And how they’re tied together, which is funny. Yeah, you probably know what I’m going to talk about. We’ll talk about that. OK, so so we are we cut to Sears Tower.

And what’s going on with those dude’s hats in Sears Tower? Yeah, I remember the hats. Those guys were those guys were actually not even supposed to be in the movie. Really? They were actual tourists there. And they liked the, he was liked it or whatever. So they left him in, I just liked, I had the goal for a convention or something like where like cam stuck his head on the window and just goes, my dad, my dad down there.

Yeah. He goes, son of a bitch is down there somewhere. I think I see my dad, son of a bitch is down there. I just thought that was funny. Cause they keep playing off this angst of, of cam and the relationship with his father specifically. The next thing I have is when they’re, uh, at the stock at the stock exchange and they’re doing the all old things by hand.

Yeah. They’re like making fun of him and shit. And he’s, he’s doing all that stuff. I always thought that was funny. They always fucking hilarious up at the end when they’re on the, uh, when they’re on the stock levels are good. They’re on the, uh, they’re on the stock floor and Ferris jokes about marrying Sloan or whatever.

It cuts to Cam again, and he’s talking shit on his dad, or he’s just like, he loves his car and his wife. And I don’t get this crisis where he’s just spinning out on his dad. I don’t get what he’s saying here. He goes, um, they married, they’re married and they hate each other. It’s like the car, he loves the car.

He hates his wife. I don’t get what he’s saying there. That doesn’t make any sense. Like his, uh, view of what marriage is. Cause he’s seeing because, because, because, because, because Ferris is asking Sloan, give me one good reason why we shouldn’t get married. And then Cameron goes, I’ll give you two good reasons.

My mother, my father. Yeah. And that’s, that’s why he’s trying to, I mean, but he doesn’t really fully, I think there’s like a little bit of stuff on the cutting room floor to make a little bit more sense on that. Yeah. But like. We’re getting like, the information I would say from that scene is just more of like Yeah.

Is Cams. Yeah. It’s like they’re not a family and it’s a little bit of the getting into the emotional side of Cameron. Absolutely. His position. And, um, are we at the restaurant? We’re at the restaurant. A Proman Aman. The she, she’s Louis. Okay. Louis, the fucking, the host of the restaurant. The mare. D the mare d uh, the way he arrogantly bobs his head and shit when he walks.

Dude, I wanna punch that. Yeah. With his little mustache. Yeah. I fucking hate that. Again, the way he cast these, these like villainous but characters so perfect. Yeah. But like I completely understand where Ferris is coming from and he is like, I’m not gonna lose to this motherfucker. Uhuh. Yeah. Because Cameron and Sloan want to give up.

Uh, when, when he’s like, Oh, you’re the sausage King in Chicago. And he’s like, yeah. And he’s like doubling down and the guy’s not buying it. And then they pull all of that, uh, prank call phones. Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s like, it comes up again. Yeah. Someone was talking about it earlier with the, um, uh, when cam is pretending to be Sloan’s dad.

Yeah. This is the second, like the second time you see there, cause you realize, and if you watch him dial the numbers, he’s dialing. The number that he’s looking at for a line is coming from inside the restaurant. Yeah. And I have another call. Yeah. And he was just like, no, take it somewhere else. I’m calling the police or whatever.

Like I’ll call him myself. It’s perfect way to get. I’m isolated. So that way they can prank call him at his own restaurant. Oh, wait, wait, wait. No, there’s a mouse on the motorcycle. I’ve got some trivia about the restaurant when you guys are ready for that. I’m ready. It doesn’t match the inside my opinion, but I could be completely wrong.

This is the, uh, this restaurant is the same one that Jake and Elwood terrorize. Oh my God. I was going to say it reminded me of the, that one. Yeah. And then it’s also the same restaurant, the women. It’s also the same restaurant from St. Elmo’s fire where Kirby and Kirby waits for Dale. Wow. So two other major movies in the eighties, uh, the blues brothers and the St.

Elmo’s fire. I don’t think I’ve seen St. Elmo’s fire, but blues brothers. I love St. Elmo’s fire has a sick theme song. Yeah, it does. Yeah. I’ve never seen that. I think we need, I think we need to put that on the list. Do you have blues brothers on the list? Yes, it is. Damn Uh, but guys, I don’t want to get snooty, snooty, snotty.

I love that. And then so they, then they get sat. What happened to the real Abe Froman? Did he dismiss his appointment? That’s a good point. I never touched it, but they must have your sausage game. Yeah. Roman. Sausage. The sausage King of Chicago. They have, that’s me. They have like several sandwiches. I wonder if he knows Gus Polinsky, the polka king.

They, he must do because they’re, you know, they’re big in, yeah, real big in Sheboygan. Sheboygan, Poka, polka, polka, dma Polka, . Kiss me Poka Kiss me polka. These are songs. These, these are songs. Oh, these are songs. Fuck. I love that. In Ferris’s Dad. Is, is not only in the restaurant at the same time as him, but he’s in the fucking restroom at the same time as him, where he didn’t pick up on his own kid narrating the movie.

And it’s in the fucking mirror. He didn’t recognize the voice. I was going to say something, but I knew that I was going to get shot down. Like, no, no, no. That’s not ladder rungs, Andy. All right. I was going to say something I did have. I only had a quote from this after the phone call is successful. They get seated and he’s just, and then the waiter says, I appreciate your understanding.

And he goes, Don’t think twice. It’s understanding that makes it possible for people like us to tolerate a person like yourself. I love that. Oh, I love that. It’s so shitty when he gets it back. And the way that he says it, just the arrogance in his voice is so good. Matthew Brodick played this so well.

Yeah. And then it cuts to Jeannie at school again. And this is, is this where she really loses it? She just shows her at the end of a hallway by herself? Yeah. And you just hear like, like, uh, I don’t know. Is she like imagining that she’s hearing more voices or something? In support of Kim. The next thing I have regarding her is probably the same, same little time frame.

She has an encounter with, she has an encounter with Grace in the office. Yeah. And it concludes with grace going, well, yeah, she comes in with that attitude because it goes, it does the slow pan down the hallway and then that’s what she’s going to go over to Rooney’s office. I couldn’t remember what like made her say, screw them, but she was like, maybe I am taking it.

Uh, too seriously. Maybe I should just let it go. But why does he always get away with stuff? Why should he get to skip school? And so that she’s like, fuck it. I’m going to go get them. And so she’s spending the rest of her day. Trying to get trying to get Ferris in trouble. I love it. Yeah, she’s not gonna be able to find him.

Yeah We’ve got another license plate. Ooh, which way? Okay. Yep, Rooney’s license plate. Really? It says for FB do Ferris Bueller’s Day off. Oh Didn’t notice it didn’t either never noticed it and I think I even looked at that But I didn’t like try to decipher like I want to eat at that pizza place Could you, like, I could smell that pizza place when you walk in there.

And arcade and all that cool stuff. And you got the Cubs game on and it’s fucking Harry Carey. I was gonna say that too. It’s Harry Carey. I’m getting chills right now. Harry Carey calling the play by play on the Cubs game on the TV and the pizza joint. That rock bat memories of my youth years or my end of my teenage years watching Cubs Game on.

Yeah, on wgn. ’cause wgn. wgn. Yeah. We got all those Cubs games. W Harry Carry and Steve Stone. Hold on side note. Did uh, I might have zoned out ’cause I was reading ahead. Did you guys cover how like when they left the restaurant they had to dodge. Dad? No. No, we didn’t. Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Well, and they Right.

We have something to say about that because that clearly Sloan is also trying to avoid being seen. Yeah. As if, oh shit, he can’t see me. Which obviously plays a role soon on Yes, they’re, but I had noticed that actually watching. That’s right. That’s right. Because, because they steal the cab from Yeah. His dad and the, and the guy, the way, the way that, the way that they do that when Cameron’s in the BA or when Ferris is in the bathroom.

Uh, with the fourth wall break. And he’s talking about like Cameron being like, uh, you know, like hypochondriac. And this is good for Cameron to get out. And then he’s like doing good for Cameron by doing this, which kind of plays off of his motivations a little bit, or at least what he claims, right. You know, to support the theory that he’s not a complete sociopath.

Maybe he’s not just, he’s not just totally using Cameron for his car. That’s where you see his dad bust out of the stall after you’re like, Oh shit. But, you know, they can’t hear the fourth wall break, of course, we did touch on that because I was like, he didn’t recognize his own kid in the movie in the mirror.

Yes. Right. Um, but yeah, the, uh, the Harry Carey voice was like immediately just like, Oh God, this is like comforting. Like how cool. Yeah. I remember because. Yeah. Well, I don’t know why it was, but we got WGN. So we got, we’d saw probably more because of the royals games. Yeah. Side that time. Cause yeah, well the Royals, yeah.

Kinda side note. We also had TBS, which played Braves games. Yeah. So But Terry, Terry, you’re talking about the game. Do you know what game it was? That was a Royals game though, right? No, it was not. No, no, no. That was, it was June 5th, 1985 Braves versus the Cubs. Chicago lost four to two in 11 innings when Lee Smith gave up a two run home run to Rafael Ramirez.

Yeah. Actual game. Cool. It was an ax actual game and that was the same game that they were at. Am I crazy? Did I think I saw a powder blue uniform or something? That was Brave. Braves had powder blue. That was the old eighties Braves uniform. No, they had powder blue. Yeah. I was not the only team that had powder blue.

I did love the heckling at the game. Yeah. The boys. And he said, he says, you know, Cameron, you know, right now, if we played by the rules, we’d be a gym class. And they pan to the kids, like with the guy telling them, you know, like cracking the whip on them to run. Yeah. And that’s like, that’s just like Jeannie pulls up, but those are just, those aren’t like.

Cast people. That’s the school kids running around in gym class. That’s just, that’s funny. Regular kids at school. Like, hold on, we got to take it again. And like some of the kids get really tired. Yeah. Oh man. Yeah. No, you got one kid. I realized, cause this used to happen to me in soccer all the time. He’s got a cramp and he’s doing the thing where he holds the side of his side.

You can tell he’s got a cramp. Yeah. He breathed in his mouth too much. He didn’t exhale enough, I mean. But then it, it goes to the part in the pizza place where he thinks he sees, Rooney thinks he sees Ferris. That is, I just thought that was so funny, the subtle glimpse into the psychology of Rooney that like when he is looking for Ferris, he’s gonna go to the pizza place.

Yeah. Where do kids hang out? I just, it was a subtle, like at the pizza pla at the Arcade Pizza place. The arcade pizza place. You know, it’s funny too, ’cause I forgot to mention like the, the funny score. ’cause it’s got like the detective soundtrack to it. When he pulls up in his car and you see the license plate and he goes in.

Um, when she turns around because he thinks it’s he thinks it’s Ferris. She’s got short hair in the jacket. Yeah, she turns around. She’s got Millie Bobby Brown vibes. Uh, what’s her name from? Stranger things. Uh, 11, 11. She looks like, uh, she looks like an eighties 11, but then he asked the, he asked the Rooney asked the cook.

He was like, uh, what’s the score of the game? And he said, nothing, nothing. He’s like, who’s winning the Cubs. The bears, the bears, uh, Mr. Rooney drives a Dodge Aries case sedan. They used to call them rental K cars. Yep. Yep. Because they, they handed them out for all the rental cars. Yeah. Wow. And that’s it.

Cause this is a fact. Yeah. This is when he pulls up to Ferris’s house, right in front of the, uh, uh, hydrant and he rings that doorbell and we get some more sophisticated technology from, oh man, pans to the, the tape, you know, it’s like his pre recorded voice and sorry, I can’t come to the door. I’m sick.

Kind of a thing. Yeah. And, uh, I, I could fall down the stairs, the stairs and suffer. Future more school absences. Yes. It’s so good. Rooney is straight up fucking out of line. He is going to his house. You bet. Totally. Let alone looking in the windows and trying to go in through the doggy door. Like what a fucking creep.

Oh, absolutely. The scene of him losing his shoe in the mud though is so classic. Like stepping on his. steps on the, the, the spicket. And then, oh man, like I never noticed him splitting his pants until this watch he’s bent over to get this shoe and you just see his pants open up. I was like, Oh my God. And then later on he splits the back.

Oh my gosh. Yeah. He like, uh, turns the hose on himself too. Like gets soaked and the Rottweiler when he’s growling at him, he looks like the fucking predator, dude. That’s fucking dog. Another, another use of a doggy door, though, like in home, you know, like he does home alone, where the, you know, the, the doggy door plays a role in the show.

But I love, I love how he’s sitting there tying his shoe and it just, the, the moment of realization, he’s like, motherfucker, like, it’s like right behind him. He is so mad because his shoe’s all wet. He’s all wet. He’s like, I could’ve just gone right through here in the first place. Yep. Yep. But yeah, then it cuts straight out of, uh, you know, Rooney in the backyard getting himself all muddy to the parking attendant guys, hot rodding Ferrari around town in this jump where you see the Ferrari come up over this hill with the skyline in the background and there’s a cloudless sky.

And then by the time it lands, this cloud of clouds, I just had a feeling Andy saw that saw that didn’t bother me, didn’t bring me out of the movie, bet, bet Andy couldn’t watch it after that. But I was looking at the car, what was the, uh, music that was playing? Um, I didn’t write it in the Twix. Is it the Twix?

Fucking hate all of you guys. It was Star Wars, dude. Oh, that’s right. It is a Star Wars thing. At some point. I hear there’s John Williams song right? Yeah, that’s uh, oh, oh yeah. Oh, oh. Can you let’s call it? Oh yeah. Call it, I believe it is. And I have all, I have it all downloaded, ready to go named. Yep. So we get in, not only is the sky a fuck up, but we get star wars music.

John Williams. I love that score. Yeah. And like, and it’s obviously interstitching the, uh, what’s happening with love song with the kids. And what they’re doing in town, it keeps kind of cutting back and forth between that and these misadventures with the dog in the yard and stuff after, uh, then this is where I have that.

They went to the natural history museum and I actually liked the way this scene was shot at like where there’s no dialogue. And it’s just like these quick jump cuts and then, uh, you know, them walking with like field trippers and like the way they look at the paintings and the way they pose and shit.

It also feels like a music video, but in a cool way, like. I was like, Oh, John Hughes. I don’t know. There’s something about this scene in the way of the passage of time. I thought it was really fun. And even the way it ends with Cameron staring at that painting and the zoom ends, I found myself laughing my ass off and how I was just getting abstracted as it was zooming in.

And I couldn’t figure out necessarily like. It just seemed almost funny. It almost felt like a family guy skit. The way they kept going. Yeah, yeah. What are they trying to say here? They just kept doing it. Did you research anything about that? Did anybody research about that? Why that was happening? No. So, um, I guess this was like where he would, like, John Hughes as a kid would go all the time.

It was like his favorite part. Oh, yeah, yeah. He wanted those paintings to be in his movie. Yeah, and that was his favorite painting. Like that, like somehow he found like, like, cause I don’t know about his backstory in life or what, but like he, that was where he liked, like it’s safe when you get so close and how abstract, but I guess that was the only time ever, or the first time that, that they allowed someone to film inside that museum and, um, Yeah, he just all that stuff is just what was going on at the at the museum at the time, like the kids and stuff that were there.

I don’t think they really noticed the room. You look alike in the museum. No, I didn’t. There’s a guy. You see, you only saw any behind like, no, it’s full on behind. And it looks like Rooney in the suit, like just looking at a painting from when you only see I saw the guy there. The trivia said that he’s in that scene, but I don’t believe that it’s him.

I think it just looks like, Oh, well, yeah, I think they were making fun of the dude in it. behind them, did you guys know? That’s what I was saying. There was a guy standing, a lot of shots in that scene, they’re just kind of showed up and like, we’re just doing different shit. And then what we saw what, because John Hughes also famously puts together makes his movies in the edit.

There’s a lot of shit that people don’t understand where they’re going. So then after the, after the museum, they’re in the cab. Like, it’s not like it’s not like he can hear you or something like that, But. Like that always bothered me. And then Jason, you brought it up earlier about, about her dodging him.

But now like she has there, she’s dead. I looking at him like, yeah. And like, and she, and that’s what I wrote. It’s like, I apparently you’re never planning on meeting your boyfriend’s father. Right. And then you’re hiding from him earlier. During that scene though. Um, actually right before this, when they first show like the traffic around the parade.

Yeah. John Hughes himself can be seen crawling across some of the cars in the background, right? With nice big hair and stuff like that. Blue jacket or whatever on. Yeah. That’s one of his cameos. When, when Sloan and Tom Buehler have their little interaction between the taxis. Yeah. Uh, she starts laughing pretty hard.

Uh, that was Matthew Broderick actually ticking, tickling her feet and knees to get that reaction. And that was the genuine reaction. Oh, I love it. I love that. And so then Ferris’s dad pulls up the newspaper. Did you guys see what it said? Yeah. What did it say? Community rallies around or something like that.

I paused it and I read the article. Do you want it? A Chicago policeman killed himself today after he was, after he invaded a park Ridge office and terrorized 60 workers with a drawn three 57 magnum revolver. As he searched for his estranged wife, who was hidden beneath the desk by a fellow, fellow worker, the wife hid under the desk.

When she spotted her husband, a woman coworker noticing his wife’s action, sat down at the desk, uh, concealing his wife and perhaps saving her life offers worker set. And it continues on like that until the third column, which then it switches to some other, uh, some other thing I couldn’t read. It was too real story.

Or is this just made up on the, for the, no. So it’s like, yeah, I love that. Well, that was just, there’s just camera filler, but why is that? Why is that already? Now they do mention like that something happened at 31 flavors the night before where he got sick or whatever. But like they already have this in the paper, that’s sick.

That’s what I was going to say here because this is the whole, another thing with the whole thing, not making time sense because there’s the morning and an afternoon versions of the papers. The afternoon paid versions don’t come out to like three or four in the afternoon. So what time is it? Is it three or three years old?

Well, it’s gotta be later in the day before baseball games. Don’t Don’t start until one o’clock in the afternoon. Am I right? Unless you’re on Sunday. Afternoon games are no earlier usually than one. Unless it’s a Sunday, then normally those will start at noon. So the game is one, but they’re already in the fifth inning.

Doesn’t matter. They plan to the story. Maybe they left after the fifth. Ferris had been planning this day off. He planted the story. He he planned this with Sloan. I’m just, I’m just saying like, yeah, I just like, it’s, those are the, those are the things that I know. Programmed all the sick machine sounds. I mean, he knew what he knew.

So then we get the answer, go to the parade after this. They can’t find Ferris, right? They, they take the cab somewhere by this parade. And I think, I think, I think they hopped it because after their dad was like there, they like probably got out. I need to go to the bathroom. So they go to this German parade.

Yeah. What’s the name of the parade? I believe I don’t know what that means, but I guess I think it was a real parade that was happening and they needed to use a parade and they’re just hopped onto it. He said they just rented a float to be in the parade, but they didn’t really say what they were going to do.

Parade. Yeah. Right. I do like the scene where he’s walking with Sloane Cameron is, and Ferris isn’t there where he’s just like, like. How he gets away with everything. He’s like, everything always works for him. And he’s just always so relaxed. And it’s like, he never sweats anything and it works out and he has the exact opposite experience where nothing works out.

And he’s always anxious and worried. And it’s just like, huh? Chicken or the egg? Like, which does he need to like lighten up the music? There’s that word again. Chicken. Yeah. It’s a funny commentary too. When they’re talking about like, cause she’s, you know, talking to him trying to console Cameron a little bit, but it’s a funny commentary on like that time in your life when you’re.

A senior in high school and you’re going to be doing whatever’s next in life for what? Yeah, right. Yeah. And, and she’s like, well, what are you interested in? He’s like, I don’t know. Nothing. Yeah. I mean, it kind of, I remember feeling like that. I just been like, I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do.

Yeah. It’s like, how do you monetize anything you actually enjoy? Right. Yeah. Like I wish I could go back and figure that out. Cause you know, working some job, you know, exactly. But some shit job, some shit job paying taxes, but then they, then they realize. And he’s like, uh, this goes out to a guy who thinks he didn’t see anything good today.

Yeah. And then they realize it’s Ferris’s voice. And they’re like, what the hell he dedicates it to Cameron. Yeah. So did you guys notice on the, the movie theater marquee during the parade? What movies were on it? No, no, no. Teen Wolf. Nice. Which would have been out in theaters while they were filming this, right?

And Godzilla, which Matthew Broderick was later in the 1998 version of God. Yeah. The absolutely dog shit. A little unintentional foreshadowing there. Yeah. Um. Yeah. Absolute dog shit. And then, yeah, so he does docushion and then he does twist and shout. Did you guys notice the, the, the dance group that was on the stairs during the twist and shout?

Yeah. Did you notice the dance? Yeah. The choreographed. It was the thriller dance. As well as Jackson’s performance on the 83 Motown 25 TV special. I bet they’re the same dancers from Blues Brothers. Well, but I don’t know that to be true. I just remember the Ray Charles scene. You can, whenever, whenever they do the walk up the stairs, that’s the, uh, the zombie shuffles, what they call it.

Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t really, I didn’t put that together. That’s cool. So a couple, I got a couple of trivias about this, and just where we’re at right now. While Sir Paul McCartney admitted that he liked the movie, he personally disliked, uh, the twist and shout sequence for its inclusion of brass instruments.

Upon hearing McCartney’s reaction, John Hughes felt bad for offending a Beatle, but it wasn’t really part of the song. We saw a band and we needed to hear the instruments. So they incorporated that into the song. Uh, and then during the parade, several of the people seen dancing, including the construction worker and the window washer.

Originally had nothing to do with the film. They were simply at the parade doing their job and dancing to the music being played. Uh, because it was an actual parade. The guy who’s doing the twist up on the scaffolding. Exactly. Yeah. And John Hughes found it so humorous that he told the camera operators to record it and put it in the movie.

So those are genuine. Did the, there’s a foreshadowing of the Beatles singing because the Beatle song, whenever he calls says, you know, John, he was the walrus and shit like that. Like I, I love the little, the little hints of it. And by the way, when he’s in the shower. He’s singing donkey shane in the shower.

And did you, did you, do you get it? Did you get it? I know the trivia on that. Okay. That was him rehearsing. He had, he had never heard donkey shane before they filmed this. So that’s him in the shower. He just decided to take that time to rehearse donkey shane. And he was left it in the, Oh, Oh, no, no, no. Oh, I had something else on that.

Oh, do you, there is, um, so he, he sings it before, before this. And so does Rooney and so does Jeannie and so does, I believe his mom. Yeah. I didn’t catch Jeannie or his mom, but I caught Rooney. Yeah. He’s doing, Rooney’s doing it as he’s, um, uh, at the front door. Jeannie does it, um, as she’s walking down the police station stairwell.

Oh, that’s right. And then mom does like, there’s one other person that does. I want, I think it was, um, uh, Edie McClurg. I think she did it. There’s one other person who, who’s saying Donca Shane in this. That’s cool. So I have the next thing that happens is, uh, Rooney is still at Ferris’s house and he receives that flower delivery and when he reads the card, it’s from his English department and faculty and staff or whatever, how they’re just like for, for a speedy recovery.

So like all of his staff is also on Ferris’s side. And who is the flower delivery guy? Uh, I didn’t write it down, but I Louie Anderson, Louie Anderson, that’s not, that’s not here. That’s with the nurse way at the end. Cause he’s holding the flower delivery. No, no, there’s like stuff. No. So there’s, so there was restore your, that’s all coming up here in the next little bit.

Yeah, I think so. Yeah. So here’s what I have. The flower delivery person is Louie Anderson. When he leaves, he honks the beginning of shaving a haircut. Yes, he does. And Rooney finishes with pumping his middle finger twice. Yeah, that’s our second time with two bits. But that’s not the, that’s not the Louie Anderson, uh, flower delivery guy because they get more flowers later on.

It’s, it’s both are Louie Anderson. Ooh. It’s the same dude. I don’t think so. I don’t think it is. This time I’m against trout. You can fucking see him when he gets out of the van and uncle Frank’s car wasn’t in the garage. Miss Louie Anderson. Yeah. I don’t believe it. They just got rid of one of their cars for uncle Frank.

Get the fuck out of here. Oh, we’re going to, we’re going to get that while you pull that up. I will bring up how, when he gets that flower. This gives Rooney the idea, poochie, poochie, poochie, look what Uncle Ed has for ya, you little fucker. Oh shit, he’s right! Yeah, you little fucker. He is right. Nuh uh! It is.

I fucking told you. Why would I say that if I didn’t know it was right? Because you’re always wrong, but I’m never wrong. That is right. I will say for the record, that’s Louie Anderson. He is in here twice. He shows up again with the nurse. Yes. Yeah. Okay. All right. So, all right, Louie. So I’ve got a little bit of trivia about the fucking group coming to the door too, but before that, in between the flower delivery from Louie by himself, Yeah.

and the burlesque dancer, Stephanie Blake and them, We see Jeanie’s license plate very briefly, which is pulling into the driveway. And what does it say? Steve wouldn’t look. TCB. The Breakfast Club. Oh, oh. TCTT. CCB C. You said the club breakfast? The club breakfast? No, I said T. Uh oh Yeah. TBC, sorry. TBC you were talking about you were taking care of business club.

Definitely taking care of business. So Burlesque dancer, Stephanie Blake was cast to play the singing nurse who shows up at Ferris’s Door with other delivery people. Yep. She said in an interview that when they were about to shoot the scene, Louie Anderson, who was playing one of the delivery guys, was in a bad mood and whispered in her ear, You better get this right the first time because I want to get the fuck out of here.

Oh shit. When she told a friend about it later, the friend who had worked with Anderson at the comedy store said, That’s really unusual for him to be mean. He must have had a fight with his boyfriend. Blake found out later that Anderson was upset because he had some spoken lines originally, but John Hughes cut them so that she could have lines.

Oh. Hughes thought she would appeal more to their target teenage audience. Ah. Oh. Also, one of the guys, the guy on the left, you have that photo pulled up? Yeah. And he would have got paid more if he’d had some speaker mics, probably, right? Oh, I bet. With the singing. Do you see the guy on the left? He looks like a, a heavier muscley bootleg Mike Love from the Beach Boys.

Yeah, I can see that. I’ve always wondered what this dude is with the fucking mask on back here. Oh, that’s one of the kids from, uh, Trick or Treat. Oh, is it? Has to be. Has to be. But, alright. But, uh, Jeannie also with the license plate. That is the scene where she sees the St. Farris Water Tower. Yeah. Or it’s just like Even more people are rallying around her brother.

We see that. I just love how Jeannie and Rooney constantly keep seeing evidence that they’re the only ones who are not on Ferris’s side, but it comes in their face constantly. And so when I was a kid, my parents told me, I was like, why did the, why was the dog asleep? I didn’t understand what had happened.

And my parents were like, Oh, they. Yeah. They just ate the, uh, flowers and the flowers made it tired. I was like, Oh, what I thought I’m like, was there like a poison flower? No. Yeah. Fucking bashed it over. Yeah. He knocked it out. That’s why I said in the early, in the opening animal cruelty. Yeah. But that wasn’t fair.

That was rude. I know. But I’m just saying like that, that this movie has it. And then we get to see them in the car. And he realizes how much, how many miles is on there. Hold on, but did you notice that’s 301? Do you know, do you remember how much it had on it? It was 140 I think. 126. 4, it was between the three and the four tenths.

Oh yeah, they do argue about that. And Ferris sees it and he starts kind of counting on his fingers, like how many miles could we have actually put on? Yeah, and so then the, the now is a 301. 7. Do you know how many, what the difference is on that? Oh, don’t worry. I have it all worked out. I figured you would have counted.

It’s a hundred and seventy five point three miles difference between

his dad’s got to notice that shit. But even I don’t want to skip out all of it. When, you know, when Jeannie comes home in her Fiat Fiero. Yeah. She has the confrontation with Rooney. Yeah. Did anyone think in that moment, like you didn’t recognize your principal, like when you were just trying to go to his office, I know to go.

Yeah. And all that. I think she was caught off guard enough to where she just was like, That’s why I included that she didn’t recognize him, but and then she ran upstairs and was just, you know, whatever I just thought Oh, she’s running up the stairs. They had to speed that up. Yeah They have sped the speed to film up right there Oh, that’s funny.

I didn’t notice it, but I also wasn’t like looking super, it’s heavily overdubbed, which then like, like always makes me look at that stuff like that. Yeah, I know, but she did. And there’s also the weird thing of like, she busts into Ferris room and notices the dummy and all that rigged up. And that’s when she’s like, I knew it.

And I’m like, you knew it from the beginning. Cause he was winking at you. Yeah. All the shit. Like, thank you. You definitely did know it. He wasn’t trying to hide it from you. You know, he was trying to include you like you winked at her. You did the, like, you know, finger don’t, you know, thing like that. So she knew it.

She knew it from, from day from, from the start. So she doesn’t really recognize Ed Rooney because, you know, she calls the cops and then yes, she’s talking to somebody over the intercom. Like she doesn’t know who it is, but what does she say? She says something like. I’m, I don’t know. And a scorching case of herpes.

Yeah, exactly. Maybe I will let you know. I have my father’s gun and a scorching case of herpes. That’s it. That’s a good line. And that’s when he like, he’s like, Oh fuck. So he, he, he ducks out and the, the police station doesn’t believe her call. Right. Evidently. But then they say, They say, uh, my name, last name is Buehler.

And then they say something about Ferris. She’s like, yeah, I’m glad you, you, you know, you’re concerned about my brother’s well being. Oh, they’re waiting for the Ferrari to come from the valet in that garage. Yeah. That right after we see, you know, Rooney’s car get towed and the whole interaction with Jeannie.

Before they see the odometer. I had wrote down about. Rooney’s car getting five or six tickets being in front of that fire hydrant for just the time like he’s around the yard. He’s not seeing all these traffic cops. They would see that it’s already ticketed and only do it once. I know, I just thought it was like, not how it works.

Also, when those guys cut, those guys, like, they’re there to pick up the Ferrari and those guys are pulling in. Yeah. Loop around. Yeah. And it’s like, they just timed it like perfectly. Yeah. And, and Sloan goes, that was fast. Like, like, Oh man, they’re on, they’re on it. Like that’s so great. Like they thought they were going to have to wait a long time to go get that thing.

But yeah, then Cameron goes completely Canada, Canada tonic. Yeah. Do you, do you realize like my brother, Jim, used to always say the line whenever they give them the car back and the two attendants are like, uh, one’s a, yeah, baby, we’re gonna have to do this again. Yeah. Jim used to always call out that line.

Oh, Jim, Jimmy little, um, shout out to my dude, drew little. Andrew will have to, Drew, Drew will be on the, he wants to be on here too. Yeah. This is where that, the, the scene ends actually, where that, with the, the singing telegram, the nurse who likes to, who likes to, what, like good quality friends. What? Yeah.

They’re sending flowers. They’re sending strippers. Oh yeah. There’s a point when you see genies in the house like running or something or no, it’s when the parents come home later. Yeah. There’s just, there’s flowers everywhere. Who’s accepting those? Yeah. They’re the ma. Yeah. Who’s accepting those? A. Yeah.

Where’d that come from? We’ll have to get there later. There the whole time. Yeah. But then, uh. The mom like looks up at the balloons, like, like my mom would have been like, what the fuck is all of this? Anyways, so are we, are we ready to move on to scene three? We are, I think so. Cause uh, at this point, but at this point, what Cameron sees that he’s catatonic because he’s seen the, uh, Yep.

He’s seen the odometer. So we are to scene three. I’m going to try to fuck this up as much as possible. Do it. You’re not going to beat Andy. Hey, yeah. As the trio regroup at the edge of Lake Michigan, Ferris is feeling guilty about Cameron’s position. He just wanted to show him a good time before they grow apart in the future.

They head to Ferris pool where Cameron comes out of his trance after falling in the water. The gang is back! Meanwhile, the police have arrested Jeannie, believing her call was a prank. While detained, she meets another delinquent who advises her to worry less about Ferris and more about her own life.

Back at Ferris house, the Ferrari is on a jack in Cameron’s house. Oh, I’m sorry. Yep. Oops. We found a flaw! Back at Cameron’s house, the Ferrari is on a jack and running in reverse to rewind the odometer, which we all know does not work. Wouldn’t work at all. However, this attempt fails and Cameron destroys the car out of anger towards his domineering father.

Ferris offer to take, er, Ferris offers to take the blame, but Cameron decides to tell the truth and stand up for his father. Stand up to his father. That is after Mrs. Buehler finishes her conversation at the police station about Jeannie’s behavior. She finds Jeannie making out with the criminal. She had been talking to as the ladies leave the police station and officer sends well wishes to Ferris on behalf of the entire police department.

And Jeannie seems happy for the first time in a long time. Tiger blood, tiger blood. Maybe we’ll talk about that. Then we see Ferris saying goodbye to Sloane after walking her home. They reflect on the day and Cameron’s growth. Today was good for all of them. Ferris and Sloane share a kiss and exchange. I love yous before Ferris sees her watch.

His family will be home soon. He needs to run home now. Yep. Uh, well done. Do you want to, do you want to replace one of these guys on the pod? You know what? We can have you come in and just read for me. I can just, I can just be the reader. I read. We should have somebody on here who just does the reading.

That would be great. We did. We tried to hire a robot and it did not work out well. It opens up where they’re at the edge of Lake Michigan. Beautiful spot, by the way. Yep. Yep. And Is rubbing, uh, rubbing Cameron Cameron’s temples. Yeah. And I was thinking I would, I would enjoy that. Oh, absolutely. Uh, to have just a nice Mia, Sarah, Mia.

Sarah now, or at my age when this came out, and her at her age then you were five to be rubbing my temples, which by the way, you know, she was the only, only one out of all of them that was actually like believable high school age. Like she was 18 or 19 in this movie. And the rest of them, yeah, think she was 17, filming it.

Maybe were like 23 or four. Yeah. The rest of ’em are in their mid twenties, I think. Yeah, I think so. It’s a fun fact about that, but. Yeah. And then the, you know, basically what I started this section out with was I want to have a beautiful woman rubbing my temples and a hot tub session with Pepsi and Oreos.

And why not me and Sarah? Well, no, fuck you. Who the hell eats Oreos with fucking Pepsi? Hold on. We’ll get there. What do you mean? We’ll get there because when this opens up, she’s obviously rubbing his temples, but this is where he, uh, Ferris is breaking the fourth wall again. And he gives like a longer explanation about Cameron’s home life and like the reason he’s doing this, trying to show him a good day.

All of that shit. Um, you know, not to get like super, uh, in depth about it, but there’s just, this is what I was talking about earlier about, it’s kind of a little bit of proof that he’s not a complete sociopath. And there’s even one at the end of the scene as well, where his motivation is to like, try to show Cameron a good time, bring him out of a shell because they’re going to go, go their separate ways after high school.

And he thinks Cameron’s kind of a shut in. Who’s like. Not going to have any life experiences. And so as his friend, he’s pulling him out of his shell a little bit. He’s worried that he’s going to He sees evidence that it’s working. Right. Little bits here and there. He’s like, I saw you having a good time, motherfucker.

He mentions that he’s worried that he’s going to fucking fall in love with the first girl he sleeps with, too. And that she’s going to treat him like shit. And he’s not going to know any better. Right. So like, it’s not all self motivated. And then, yeah, and there’s a spot when they’re in the garage.

Gaslighting. So, the hot tub session. And then, yes, I did write down the catatonic and he goes, Ferris Bueller. You’re my hero. Briola. You’re my hero, Jason. You have a mistake here. This is true. And I noticed it when, when Brian, you noticed that I had written in the script that I went back to Ferris who wrote into it.

Yeah. That’s it. I was using correct English. Um, if you were using it to Ferris, to Ferris, as far as it’s because I assumed as much, but this is, this is the talk. This is none of their house, this is none of their houses. This is a stranger’s house that they just know is not going be, we wonder, I’m like, who’s, because it can’t be, it can’t be Ferris is because Rooney and Jeanie would still be there.

Or at least Rooney. Right. So Rooney and Jeanie were probably, were, were, they would’ve been there. They would’ve, he would’ve run into one of, one of two of them. Wouldn’t have been, uh, definitely Cameron, Sarah’s house. It’s not Cameron’s house. It’s not Mia, Sarah’s house because. Why would she just be wearing that camisole and not an actual bathing suit?

And plus he walks her home from there later. Yep. So, and like, this is a randoms. This is just some random person. Somebody in his neighborhood. You remember in the beginning, he’s sitting in the backyard like with his swim trunks on like he has a pool. So I just assume when I’m writing this, oh they went back to his house.

But then, shit didn’t line up. It could have been It could have been his house, but then like after, but then Rooney came back. I don’t know. It’s somewhere in his neighborhood, but he has to run home. So this is, this is close to Sloan’s at least. Yeah. Like I have a feeling that yeah, it’s probably Sloan’s like probably like Sloan’s or something like that.

Like right down in the neighborhood that they have to be living close to each other. Right. Bears is a fucking sociopath eating Oreos and Pepsi. In a hot tub. First of all, you don’t eat Oreos. It’s the first sign. You don’t eat Oreos in by a fire, the hot tub, because like that, that shit is going to splash all over that stuff.

That stuff absorbed, absorbs water. It’s going to ruin those things. You’re going to be tasting chlorine in your fucking, if you splash on them, but you eat the Oreos with the hot tub. They splash, but then Pepsi? With a fuckin with a Pepsi. Pepsi and Oreos would be an awful combination. They would not be an awful combination.

Whoa! I explained this! You mix chocolate with your soda? Like sweets with your You’ve never eaten cookies and soda? No! Bleh! No! Soda goes with a salty snack like a chip. Soda goes with everything. No. Oreos go with milk. Oreos are always milk. You’re not always gonna have milk. I’m sure as a kid I did. Well, water is second.

At some point. Yeah. Water and Oreos. I would do that above Pepsi. Pepsi. A hundred percent. I’ll double down on it. Milk. Milk is one. Yeah. Milk and Oreos is fine, but so is soda. Hey Brian, you want to just start taking, digging his spot now? Fucking. Yeah. Well, I did the Shrout used to be on the show and then the Oreos and Oreos and don’t come in there.

Well, I was being hyperbolic, but sure. I’ve been on like on the road or something. This is the most trivial canceling of anyone. You ran out of shit. All right. Let’s move on to from cause from the pool, the gang’s back freaking, you know, Cameron is now I’m finally in a good mood. Yeah. He’s like loosened up.

But you know, it’s at the very end. So whatever, then it cuts to the police station where we do see genie sitting with a one young Charlie Sheen. Probably. Do you do the outsiders yet or one of those? Yeah, he’s like, yeah, he’s like already done. He’s like already a movie star at this point. Pretty much right.

I think he stayed, they said he stayed up for two days to look like that. You know, his eyes are all sunk in and he’s like dark. I’ve got that trivia to produce the desired drugged out effect for his role as a drug addict at the police station. Um, Charlie sheen stayed awake for more than 48 hours before the scene was shot.

Jesus, dude, which is not unlike the rest of his life, which he was on a bender. This is, this is three years after the outsiders. How about the way she talks shit to him where she’s like, says something like putting a thumb in his butt or something or like, Oh, it’s like a thumb up your butt. Yeah. Blowing himself.

So she’s just like real aggressive with this shit. And he’s just like, damn, it was, I would do too. I mean, like, what’s he going to do? You’re at a police station. Do something fucker. Like that’s when I get tough. Well, this is the, this is the turning point in her, right? Like to where he starts opening up about Ferris.

Right. And then, and then kind of sees when he’s like, when he’s like, yeah, you should talk to my friend. If you say Ferris, right. But, but you know him. Yeah. Oh, you know him. But you know, he’s basically asks her the question like, well, why don’t you skip school? Yeah, basically, like, what are you fucking so mad about?

That’s what I wrote that he actually gives good advice. Like, yeah, it’s just like, why are you worried about him so much? And, uh, yeah, you’re mad because you don’t have those things. Why don’t you just have them, too? Like, if you don’t want to go to school, then also do it. Yeah. Charlie Sheen wasn’t in The Outsiders.

Was he not? No, he was not. We got sidetracked. Emilio Estevez. I know. Uh, uh, Matt Damon. Charlie Sheen is not, is the point. Oh, Platoon. Yeah, he was in Platoon. Well, he was also, he was in, uh, What’s the youngest? Uh, Red Dawn. Oh, yeah. Oh, okay. See, I thought it was Okay. I think sheen was in this because John Hughes had worked with Emilio and they weren’t because isn’t isn’t breakfast club before this.

I think so. It was like 84 or 83 like just before this, but that’s how they, he knew sheen was because he worked with his brother. Well, Charlie Sheen wasn’t, it wasn’t like he wasn’t known, but I mean like how he goes, like why he, he had chose to work with him because he had worked with this. And I heard Jennifer gray was the one who was like, we got to bring Charlie in and they didn’t even make him try out.

It was like her recommendation. He was like, all right. Uh, anyway, after that spot, we’re back at cams garage where the Ferrari’s on the jack running in reverse. How many miles around that now? 301 and seven eights. But now we’re up to like three 16. They didn’t even look to see if it was working. No, they just were talking, assuming it was working.

They eventually do realize that it’s not working. Yeah, I just mean like at the beginning, like, how did it go like another 15 miles before you guys noticed? I would have been like, okay, oh shit, it’s not working. Yeah. And then taking the brick off immediately. Yeah. Because that’s kind of just waste gas.

Yeah. But I don’t know. I don’t know. Yeah. At that point, the rational person, person would be like, all right, I’m fucked. And that’s what my dad, that’s what Cam did at that point. He’s like, fuck it. But Ferris final argument, non sociopathic was like, blame it on me. I’ll take the, see, he was going to wingman.

He was going to do it. And he was going to say, I’ll put it all on me. I’ll tell him it was my idea. Yep. And then that I took it and it was all on me and, uh, I don’t know. That’s just a sociopath would just. Hey man, it sucks to be you bro, but he knows that if not for him, the Ferrari would have just been safely in that garage all day, right?

So he knows that it, but it’s also going to be a growing thing for Cam to finally face his father. See, and that’s shit you probably don’t think about when we were young watching it. Yeah. But that’s what makes it like, he knows he’s, you know, Cam’s and Cam’s not going to stand up for himself on this one.

You, he’s going to fold. Faster than a fucking, uh, envelope. Yeah, I don’t know. Uh, he’s gonna A foldy thing. His dad’s gonna come in like, What the fuck happened? And he’s like, Ferris! Ferris did it! He made me he made me take it out! He I he’s he’s gonna Ferris this is gonna blow up in his face. But hey, Ferris made me do it.

You’re a father. I ain’t gonna work, is it? No, no, certainly not. Essentially what happens is he starts beating the car up. Yeah. And then the car fucking hits the ground and goes the jack. Yeah. The jack falls. Yeah. And they build a lot of tension in those in that spot. It seriously takes the car the whole time to go.

And you can see the jack moving and it’s like, Oh, this is going to happen. You’re like, no, no, no. But the car flying backwards out of the garage. This is the one thing I remember from being a kid was that was like my favorite scene because When I was six or ten or whatever I was I was big into cars. I played with cars Yeah, yeah, I you know that I played with other you know action figures and in Legos and stuff But cars were my favorite toys right and I was all about cars all the stuff on my bedroom wall when I was seven was fucking Cars, lamb, Lamborghinis and Corvettes and whatever.

Cool. PORs nine 11. So to see a fucking, yeah, Porsche nine 11 or Ferrari, uh uh, Ferrari Teer or Ferrari, F 40 Lamborghini. Lamborghini Osh. And like, so to see this fucking fancy car go flying out of a fucking garage and crash into the ground was like, whoa. All right. Anything that involved cars crashing and smashing together, and like I was all about it.

So this, oh. This was, this was the most memorable scene. I love the shit out of Blues Brothers. Oh yeah, what a car chase. Pew, pew, pew, pew. That’s one of the best scenes. It turns into comedy for sure. But now we get to the fucking, can we, are we in the police? We’re at the police station for that. Why does she say, my friends call me Shawna?

Never got that. And then you go, Shawna! No idea. Like, no one ever calls her Shawna. I put, uh, Name is Jean, but a lot of people call me Shawna. And I put. No one does. And then a doo wop song comes in with the lyrics of just Shauna and Gene back and forth. It’s just like Ostricher. What the fuck? My friends call me Nova, as in Casanova.

No one really calls him Nova until later after he says that. But, no, I mean like, so there has to be somebody calling her that at some point. And in this movie, there is nobody calling her Shauna. It’s always Genie. Anytime anybody calls her name, it’s fucking Genie. Yeah, that part was weird as shit. But when the police are walking the mom out or whatever, How they’re just, how The mom is talking about how she, she just can’t believe that her daughter would skip school and lie about an intruder and all this shit.

And of course it’s just like she said, like she doesn’t get away with anything. I just thought that was so funny again, that either Jeannie or Rooney, the way everything’s always getting pushed in their face of how like Ferris can do no wrong. Everybody loves them. It’s, uh, well, and it’s a good spot. And this is where, uh, Jeannie started singing, um, donkey Shane and then, uh, she’s running down the stairs.

Uh, and then what’s, uh, what’s her name? Mia Sarah saying he’s going to marry me. Uh, Sloan goes, I’m going to, he’s going to marry me as he’s running off. Yeah. That’s why he’s like walked her back. He sees the time on. Yeah. I was like, Oh shit. I got to go, but all right. So now we’re going into four. And this is the thing that tells me that he is a sociopath.

Oh, right, um Ferris races on foot through the neighborhood, but is nearly hit by Jeannie, who is driving their mother home while being scolded. Their mother fails to notice Ferris, but Jeannie does. Ferris and Jeannie begin an unspoken race to get home first. Ferris cuts through backyards while Jeannie speeds through the neighborhood, pissing her mother off more and attracting the attention of a traffic cop.

Ferris avoids yet another run in with his dad and barely makes it home first. But Rooney confronts him before he can get back inside. Seeing the two through the window, Jeannie has a change of heart. One could say she has a certain sheen to her. She allows, she allows Ferris to come inside before their parents can discover him.

She claims that Ferris was at the hospital for his illness and also blackmails Rooney by showing him his wallet that had fallen from his pocket in the kitchen earlier before tossing it into the pool. As Rooney flees from Ferris pet Rottweiler, Ferris rushes back to his bedroom to await his parents.

They find him in bed and believe he has been there all day, further suggesting that he take the next day off as well. Ferris then breaks the fourth wall again to remind us that my, that life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while. You can miss it. CREDITS ROLL! As the credits roll, a humiliated, disheveled, injured Rooney reluctantly accepts a ride on a school bus filled with students who look at him with disgust.

He sits next to a girl who offers him a warm, soft gummy bear from her pocket. And throws it and notices some graffiti inside the bus that reads, Rooney eats it. Then a student’s notebook. Uh, then a student’s notebook where he reads the unofficial Newtown slogan, Save Ferris. And yet another post credit scene.

You can see Ferris at home in his robe. He looks at the camera and says, you’re still here. It’s over. Go home. Go. That’s officially the end. Guys, you remember when AOL instant messenger was a big thing. And you could, you could get in and change like the, the sounds that would happen whenever you would log in or log out.

When I would log out, I set it to that. You’re still here. It’s over. Go on. Oh, nice. You mean when you Toledo 10. YeahDo 10. I forgot I’m still Toledo 10. Uh, just a quick thing, um, the Rottweiler, like, no one ever acknowledges the dog except for like, nothing like Ferris and his family. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s never around their dog, but they just don’t, they, they don’t, they don’t ever interact with, interact with him.

Um, Tom Bueller’s license plate guys. MMOM, Mr. Mom. Oh, okay. Oh, shit. So we have, we have four license plates representing four John Hughes movies. Awesome. Oh, shit. Just ties it together with a neat little bow. Well, I, at the beginning of the scene when you see, uh, Jeanie getting yelled at by the mom and like, she almost hits Ferris mom doesn’t notice.

Yeah. But did you notice how the mom was just like. Like you messed up the steel for me. Cause I had to come to the police station, pick you up. You messed up the steel for me. I was going to use my, that check and buy Ferris a car. Yeah. So that’s just another thing. Cause it has to be Jeannie or Rooney that are going to hear this news.

It’s I just thought that one was so funny. It, and then you can see like, that’s when she squints and sees Ferris like, Oh, and then they’re like, they’re going to have to race home because now she’s back on the. She wants to race home to like bust him to bust him. Yeah. But I think it was seeing Rooney in the backyard that like where she had the change of heart.

I’ve got a little bit of deep, deep sort of, uh, insight to that or at least so. Yeah. Jeannie spends most of the movie resentful of Ferris popularity and his seeming ability to get away with anything. She gets her revenge inadvertently when her mother has to pick her up at the police station. On the way home, Mrs.

Bueller tells Jeannie that because of her she lost a business deal with the Vermont people and that she would have used her commission to buy Ferris a car, a thing he bitterly gripes about not having. This revelation is easy to miss because it unfolds piecemeal, intercut with Ferris suspenseful dash to beat them home on foot.

When the characters run into each other a moment later, a now empowered Jeannie chooses to cover Ferris getaway and not rat him out. Ferris never learns how close he came to getting his car and in the end is blissfully unaware of what his day off cost him. Oh, that’s kind of funny to think about it. And before that, there’s a, there’s an interaction between the parents where Tom suggests shooting Jeannie.

Yeah, to Katie. Maybe she’s just shooting. After, and then I love, uh, when, when, when Jeannie, Jeannie kind of saves Ferris from Mr. Rooney. Save Ferris. Uh, his, his shock and the various looks on his face. It’s, it’s really, it’s revealing. I like it. Well, did you notice when Ferris was racing before he, when he was racing home, one of the backyards, the two sunbathing chicks, because, you know, he’s casually cool.

Those chicks are in the shade. Thank you. Okay. So a couple of things, he’s wearing a damn coat and jeans. Okay. I thought, I thought this was going to be Chicago evening, springtime. It might be, I didn’t realize they were in the shade. They’re in the shade, like so much so that the woman that the one on the left has a halo around her hair, like with that, because like it’s behind her is behind her.

Uh, and, uh, he just got done. This is why he is a major sociopath. He just got done telling, uh, Sloan, I love you and making out with her. And then as he’s running through, he stops turns. It’s like, Hey, what’s the end game there? Ferris just to be friendly with the neighbors. I mean, he was running through, he didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable.

And then he also, uh, uh, he has a couple of B and E’s here. He’s breaking in through people’s houses, you know, uh, there’s no harm. No harm. Smells good. Um, but That wasn’t a breaking and entering. Oh, he does run through the people’s house. He does go in their house. And he stole a Pepsi from a guy who’s barbecuing.

Another Pepsi. A guy who’s like holding a Pepsi while he’s barbecuing. He stole it from his hand. All he wanted was a Pepsi. Just one Pepsi. Oh, that’s suicidal tendencies. Do you notice when, when his parents are checking up on him and tucking him in and he goes. Blankie. Blankie. Oh yeah. Cause he lays it on thick for them.

Uh, what happened to the cop following Jeannie there? Dude, I did think of that too. Cause I’m like, surely she got pulled over, but I think the mom refers to her getting a speeding ticket or something. Yeah, but that takes like at least 10 to 20 minutes. Yeah. They wouldn’t have arrived home. So I just, part of me was like, wanted to choose to forget that.

Like, oh, they, the cop had another call and left or something. I had something about that too, that like. Which it’s not It’s not totally revealed, but by her getting a speeding ticket, the mom decides to maybe take her car and give it to Ferris. Oh, there’s a, there’s a theory or whatever. It’s not, it’s not concrete.

And then, uh, then, then we see the inside when they get home and there are just, there is like. 1, 000 worth of flowers in that house and balloons and shit in that house, filling the halls. Yeah. And you already brought it out. Somebody already brought it up, but how did they get them all inside? Because nobody was home to receive any of those, any of those things.

But the door was unlocked. Maybe they haven’t made the delivery. People wouldn’t have just, I don’t know. I was just saying like it was physically possible for me. It’s just one of those things that there’s no explanation and we’ll have to, we’ll have to just deal with that. We’ll just have to deal with it.

It is perfect. So he’s running home. He runs past his dad driving. Cause he’s behind a. Uh, slow old lady, slow old lady, but again, yeah, again, his dad sees him, but doesn’t really recognize his own son running next to him. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like kind of caught in the eye real quick. Like, wait a minute. Was it?

And then he looks back and he’s already gone. And Ferris must be like running like 20 miles an hour guys like to keep up with his dad is driving real slow and he was just mad at the beehive lady for driving too slow. Truth. But, uh, so we do see once he gets there and has the confrontation with Rooney, you know, Rooney’s like, I fucking knew it or whatever, whatever she covers his ass.

Jeannie does by popping out and being like, Oh, thank God. Um, you know, trying to walk home from the hospital. Can you imagine this kid? Because that’s where he had been. That’s why he wasn’t home. Oh, now it makes sense. He’s got plausible deniability or whatever covering. Rooney doesn’t buy that, but it’s just like, now we have like a story or an explanation or something, but when she, she kind of holds up the wallet to be like, you’ve broken my house, I think it’s kind of like.

All right. Everybody had did some things they regret today. Let’s just, we’re all going to be at zero. We’re even nobody’s saying anything. I kicked you. We’re good. I knocked your dog unconscious, you know, into my house. Yeah. I said, by the way, yeah, I actually really love that they tie in the quote again.

You know, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while. You could miss it. It’s a perfect way to just, yeah, it really was. Well, I even said that trout snake eating its tail. Perfect ending with the quote, like, and then like you get the hands behind the head.

Oh man, Jay, I think you knew about this. So the beginning scene of the movie and the final scene where he’s breaking the fourth wall and he’s talking, uh, we’re all shot at the, like towards the end. Cause I guess John Hughes, like this film production was running for a couple of months. Before John Hughes really got in there and was doing a lot of the work on it.

And so that’s why it’s really believable with Ferris because he’s been playing Ferris Buehler for two months, right? Oh, that makes so much sense. And they shoot the beginning part where he’s all confident Ferris Buehler and the end part where he’s talking and he’s like this character that he’s been playing for a couple months.

That’s actually perfect because then we get that authentic. Yeah, that’s why it’s so authentic because he’s not like just starting to play a role like those were, were shot way after like towards the end. And put in place. It’s almost like John Hughes is like one of the best directors ever. It’s almost like he knows what he’s doing.

Almost like it. He really does. I think, I think, I think he has a bright future. It’s as if I think that man has a good future. It’s as if there’s a universe that exists where he has a ton of movies that are just incredible and then we love them. Yeah. Like if you imagine if that was the case, if his day job doesn’t work out, I think this might, that might be something they can do some.

Yeah. Okay guys. So do we have anything else about the final scene? So how did he pay for his money or how did he pay? With what money? How did he pay for the day? I did see a video. It’s an expensive day. It was a very expensive day. So in the original script, Ferris stole the money from his dad’s, uh, from his dad by stealing a savings bond.

He had stashed in the house to fund it. Which proves he’s been planning it for a long time. So he said to his dad, like, why, when his dad was on the phone, that at that phone call at the very beginning of the day, when he’s talking to Cameron, he goes, it was supposed to be this extra little pay. He goes, uh, he said to his dad, you work so hard.

I’ll bet you don’t even, I’ll bet you don’t even know where those bonds are. Right. And he goes like, hell they’re in the shoe box in my closet camera. And then Ferris turns to Cameron says the guy gave him faster than a drunk Catholic girl. They cut that out because he was like the, in the original script, like he was a total asshole.

They wanted him to look, they didn’t want him to make him look bad. Yeah. It made him look so bad. I did read about that. Yeah. So like that, I didn’t, I didn’t know that. Yeah. So he stole the money from his dad to fund this day. But they cut that all that out. Interesting. So that was it. I think we’re ready to rate anything else.

Anybody, are we going to rate this fucker? Yeah, I think we’re ready to rate it. I think I’m good on it. Here’s what we’re doing as, as the listeners may have picked up on in the new season, we are still doing our don’t watch watch or buy, but we’re also using a scale of zero to 10. And the units of measurement will change with each episode.

This time we’re going with the unit of measure our days off. So out of 10 days off, what is your rating as well as watch don’t watch by. And we go with guests first. So go, go in, um, you know, I think, I think I love this movie so much. I would give it 10 days off, but I have to, after watching it a bunch of times, just say, I’m going to give it a nine and a half just because of some of the things you got to go complete.

Oh no. No, no abs. No abs. It’s hard to give something. Perfect. Yeah. Nine. I would give it nine days off. Because of some of the things that maybe just don’t add up when you dig into it. But I think overall solid movie, a great eighties movie, great example of a John Hughes movie. If, if anyone were to be like, I’ve never seen, I’ve never seen a John Hughes film.

Um, this is one of them. I would recommend that they watch. So that was a nine days off, nine days off, buy it, watch it. Or don’t watch, buy it. I figured I wrote that down already. So yeah, Jason, I could echo similar thoughts. Um, I will say I have this rated at an eight days off just because it’s going to be hard to go nine or 10.

That’s like really, I have a 10 in my head, but this is a, among one of the better movies we’ve watched on this podcast. I, I mean the, the writing, all the lines. Um, I, I just had fun watching it beginning to end all the fourth wall breaks, any suspension of disbelief issues, all of it doesn’t matter to me at all.

It’s a, I just, I so much fun, like from beginning to end, kind of a coming of age day in the life. Um, love it. John Hughes does that shit really well. It does. So definitely buy it. Eight, eight outta 10, eight days off. All right, trout. So, uh, I give this six outta 10 days off, oh, I guess wrong, I guess seven on SH trout.

And I, I read it as a watch. Ooh, this is on TV and available through so many avenues you don’t need to buy it. Uh. It’s definitely, but definitely watch it, uh, and for me, it, it’s, it doesn’t rank as high and it’s not even as good as the breakfast club or 16 candles, but it’s a classic. Um, just, just those, those two movies specifically are, are significantly better than this one.

Um, I would, I would rate breakfast club above it. I don’t know about. Well, maybe 16. I have it. Fucking good, man. Breakfast club is amazing though. Yeah. So rewatch them because they’ve also been a long time. So all of this. So I had guessed seven out of 10 for you. Cause I knew I could tell just a year of doing this.

Like I I’m getting, I’m getting it. I got you. You guys heard like all the shit that I talked about it. So like, I’m, I, I gave this an eight out of 10 days off because it is, it is so good. And like, I, it’s definitely a buy, like there’s all those holes I punched in it, but that’s just because I like to do that shit.

And like, I, but this is one of those, like, I like quotes. Yeah. Yeah. Like, I love, I love, I love to just like dissect that shit. Like it’s to me, it’s a, uh, it’s a game of operation, man. I love it. So, um, and now Shrout, let’s tell us everybody about the, yeah, we got our, the movie roulette podcast bi weekly fuck face challenge.

Oh yeah. Um, okay. So what we’re doing is you as in the individual and I’m speaking to myself and you three and any listener, if they want to do this too, uh, you are in charge of a day off where you skip school or work or whatever, just like Ferris, uh, you are taking all of us on your adventures. How do you spend your day?

So you can theme this if you want, you can go, um, you know, maybe, uh, Oh, my mindset is I’m going to do this when we were in high school or, um, I’m going to do it now or whatever. Uh, have fun with it. So, um, I, I’m not. Extremely sold on mine. It’s okay. So I can go first. If you guys want to go for, um, I just kind of did mine now.

Uh, I really wanted to incorporate now, since we’re doing this as, as a group. So it’s gotta be stuff that all four of us can do that next to the skate park immediately, because I was like, Oh, we’re definitely gonna go ride. Well, no. Cause these two guys will just stand around and they’ll be bored. We can make them ride.

I also, I also, we’d have to go on the trails with my e bike bro. No, it would be skate park. And I, and I thought about obviously a Royals game as a diehard baseball fan, a Royals game, but that’s in this movie. So I wanted to try and think of something. So first we go have breakfast at the city diner in the river market.

Okay. Get some greasy spoon diner food. Okay. And then we’re going to go over to oddly correct for some coffee. Uh, after that, we’re going over to union station to see the model train exhibit. And then over to the national museum, museum of toys and miniatures. Oh, I love that. A little obviously mine is now it’s current, uh, a lunch.

We’re going to go to blue Nile cafe for some Ethiopian, and then we’re going to go to worlds of fun to ride roller coasters for a couple hours. All right. Um, last thing we do before we go home is we’re going to go take a drive around Lake Chacomo slash blue Springs Lake. Be outside, skip some rocks and then go home before we get busted.

Ooh. Okay. Okay. Okay. I can, I can go second. All right. I went, I set it up as a, this is the year 2003 out of four of our senior year. That was 99. So I was out of high school drought is. Shroud. It’s, it is SH. His name is Rou. Not Strout. It’s not Sout. Yep. Rou is like, you’ve known me for 37 years or something.

Just mumbling. But rou is like, uh, already at home, so whatever. He’s like, we just gotta call him, wake him up. Um, so we’re gonna skip. First thing we’re gonna do, and this is back in 2000. I immediately thought, well, we got to feed the boys. So breakfast buffet sounds the best. I didn’t believe Shoney’s was open.

We’re going to Shoney’s breakfast buffet. We’re getting some coffee. We’re eating breakfast bar, by the way, we’re eating a breakfast bar. Ooh, and it’s, and it’s fucking dope. Oh my god, who’s sitting in the smoking section? Stroud’s mom! So we gotta bail! We gotta get out of there! Uh, and then, so we uh, we go to, downtown, we go to a record store, probably Recycled Sounds, we go to a couple spots like that.

Uh, rest in peace. Then we hit up a music shop. Oh my God. But who’s testing out at SG over there in the corner? My dad, Howard’s over here. Howard. Oh man. We got to sneak out. Cause Andy was playing the drums and then like Howard was like. Oh man, maybe I’ll bring this SG and go jam with that guy on the drums.

We were like, Andy, get out of there. We had to get out. So then we were like, fuck all this. We had two worlds of fun. Okay, good. Because at this point, this is about lunchtime. Oh, and we do not. This is 2000. So we don’t have the ma Wait, we have the Mamba. I believe we had the Mamba. We don’t have the Prowler.

We don’t have the patriot. We still have Za Z zinger. We still have. We still have the zing. No, the ZZ zinger was gone after 97. That we do still have the Or express though. Oh yeah. The have or express. Yeah. Yes. Okay. Well that’s the rock and reeler. It’s funny you mentioned that ’cause we spend most of the day there.

And you know, we’re like, that’s where we kind of get lunch. We like hang out. We, we fooled the guesser three times, but then of course, who do we see? We see George and Susan, we see Karen and Rick and we got there. They’re hanging out. They don’t know because they’re just like, don’t kids. We have to work, but really.

Andy and Brian’s parents are both there hanging out. They’re having a day off at the amusement park. They didn’t want to tell their kids that they’re really just having fun and games. That’s what they’ve been doing. Yep. Those turds. So then we have to run out and we have to run out and hide from them.

And then. Um, I really liked how Stroud ended the day with like hanging out in nature, skipping rocks. I wish I had done that, but I, that was the last thing I had to say. We were going to go home before we get caught. And then I was going to like put in something about my parents, how we saw them in traffic or something.

But at that point, I just wanted to run it and care. I wanted to run from all of our parents. You were supposed to be at school and be like. Sorry, Cheryl. I just, I think I just wanted a shoehorn in all of our parents. But yeah, the inclusion of my parents were perfect scenarios. They were, yeah. That was the real first one I saw.

I was like, there lot of shoney’s. I thought it, how that be so fun? Why is my mom at breakfast by herself without my dad, my dad, like my dad would’ve been like, I’m going to work, but then he’s like, I’m, I’m gonna stop it. You know the music store? Yeah. He’s jamming on it. Just ’cause you know, true to form.

Howard had that SG and it’s dope. Oh, you want, you were going last? Uh, yeah, I’ll go right. I didn’t, I have to be honest. I didn’t really, I, I didn’t know what to do here. You could just wing what you would have done, but I would go back in the day 2000 or, or, or 1999 when Stroud was still in school with us.

How about I do that? Okay. Yep. Could be that. And so what we do in the morning, we go by, we, we go out towards which chapel and we hit the waffle house. Okay. There we go. Yep. So, and, and, uh, I think that’d be the first thing to do. And then secondly, this, this is where it would change. We would go then because it’s earlier, it’s cooler in the day, you know, it’s going to be a nice day, but it’s cooler.

So we would go to Burr Oaks. We’d go walk around Burr Oaks for a while. Until about your park until, and then, you know, we’re, we’re out there for a good amount of time. Who knows what we’re doing, but that, by that point we’re super hungry, right? So where would we go for lunch back then? Where would be somewhere around that we would go?

I hope you’re going to say it. I almost said it earlier. You should say it. Is it Fuddruckers? It would be Fuddruckers. Fuck yeah! Nolan Road Fuddruckers? Yeah, Nolan Road Fuddruckers. I drive by there all the time and I’m like, Man, I wish that place was still there. Half Pound Burger, Fudd Fries. I almost included it.

Yeah. I almost always Fuddruckers. Next time in 12. Fuckin fry seasoning on the fuckin and a little bit on the burger. Yeah. In the seven dollars and 12 cents. Toppings bar. That’s what it was. Remember that? And then, and then, in this case, it’s a Friday, but there’s a, a festival going on downtown, a music festival.

Okay. Ooh. And. The Foo Fighters are playing and I was going to let each one of you we skipped. I was going to let each one of you this 1999 name a band that is going to be at this festival that we’re going to. Okay. It’s like, Oh, it’s playing with the Foo Fighters. Doesn’t necessarily have to be that genre.

It just has to be a band that in 1999, you would have skipped school and done whatever it took to go see them in 1999. It would be the getup kids locally, Kansas city for sure. All right, trout. Uh, did you, did you pick one? No, I have not yet. Do you want me to go? No, no. I just, I just didn’t know if you were going.

I’m going to go man for that. And I’m trying to think of, I’m trying to make it more realistic. So it’s like, I’m not going to be like, Oh, well, snap case played with. That’s not real. Um, I’m going to go green day. Green day would have still been touring on Nimrod because warning didn’t come out until late 2000.

I’m going to go green day and foo fighters. I would have, that would, I would have skipped school for that. That would have been a really cool bill back then too. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Well, remember it’s a festival, so there could have been multiple stages. So I haven’t even played the main stage. So this isn’t like, this isn’t like, oh, mine just has those two.

Mine has the Get Up Kids and Green Day and the Foo Fighters. All these bands are playing and we want to go to, and that’s why we’re skipping school. Yeah. That was like when the Get Up Kids were their best too. So this is, so this is like, um, it would never happened, but like. There’s a connection here because it’s the Foo Fighters and it’s the band that I would do anything for at that point in time, it was Sunny Day.

Nate Mendel’s old band was like, Hey, hold on. Why couldn’t it have happened? Hold on. Because William Goldsmith was kicked out. Who cares? So, so essentially we’ve got the Foo’s, Green Day. Uh, sunny day, get up kids and incubus now green day wood at that time was the biggest band on there. So they’d be the headliner, the headliner and then the foos.

But keep in mind, this was a, they all played the main stage for sure. Yeah. But it was a weird, it was a weird, uh, festival because it ended at like four o’clock because we got it. We, cause we had to hit on home. Yeah. And then we got to bust our ass back home. Skip school. Cause we’re downtown. Yeah. It was called skip school.

Yeah. It was called skip school or fest who, or if it went under the evening. Who do we have to miss? We don’t have to go that far. We don’t have to go that far. Fucking Green Day. Yeah, we would have missed probably all the bands we mentioned. We would have missed all the Yeah, there’s no way. Oh, Sunny Day.

Or Get Up Kids. We could probably have seen Sunny Day and Get Up Kids. No, because those guys could have headlined a side stage then. Sunny Day could have. Or they played the main stage at 11 a. m. Yeah, yeah. Maybe because it’s one of the two. No, it’s over. It’s over before we have to go home. Yeah, that’s what I think.

Yeah, it’s better that way. But then we do have to bust our ass back home and then that’s it. That’s the end of it. But we’re driving my old, uh, geo prism. Yeah. Oh yeah. Love that. Black geo prism. All right. So my turn. Yes. Right. All right. So we got to start our, uh, our day off with breakfast is what I did.

And, uh, whoever said breakfast before, I can’t believe nobody went to the fucking Betty’s. Oh, not bad. Not bad for lunch too. Yeah. No, no, no. Cause we got rings bro. Oh, they’re, they’re saying like that would have been BNG. Fuck. Yeah. Fuck. Yeah. And, um, but then so afterwards where, you know, we got some time to kill before what we want to do.

Uh, so we go to recycled sounds. I put that in there. You know, nice rest in peace, . So then afterwards No, no. You know, like we’re get, we got hungry a little early. We’d spent a little bit too long there at recycled sounds. We werent gonna go fuck with Mira and everybody over there at, at the Ner, which is right.

Oh, right behind the place. Ner. But they’re in school. Yeah, they’re in school. Because we couldn’t, so we couldn’t, those are hand in hand. So we went to, uh, Ottos for lunch. Auto yess. Yes. Nice. So. And they were how much of their assholes there. Oh, they hated mushroom, mushroom, Swiss burger. They’re everything or whatever.

Now I had a homemade shirt that said, fuck you on it. He started talking shit to Josh and Josh was smoking a cigarette. And he just goes, Hey, read, read your shirt and flicked a cigarette. It was great. But good old days, Josh is so funny. So Paul Bearer worked there for a little while. Oh man, that’s sheer terror.

Well, okay. So we go to auto. So we’re, we’re done in autos. We got to walk off a bunch of this stuff. And so I said, worlds of fun, obviously, because like, we do have an amusement park and we are 18 with a day off. It’s a great amusement park too. It’s a beautiful day. And then all the way home, we’re like, Hey, we got, we got bored real quick.

Uh, someone, I don’t know, fucking threw up because of all the onion rings were sitting too hard in their stomach with the Orient Express nachos. Probably me. Probably me. Got to him. So let’s go. I don’t know. So we in our day, we’re not, we’re not too worried about, like, we don’t have to do anything too, too harsh on it, but we just end our day with a good old, uh, uh, uh, Havoc session.

I do a good Havoc sesh, kind of focus on people on the way home, get home, but you know, get on bed. So we’re, we’re, we’re having two adults then because we’re having kids are all still in school. Yeah. Yeah. We’re doing Havoc. We’re just doing like a sloppy when you don’t want to get caught. Ooh, that was during the day is rough.

We all had a fun day. We had a great day. And we had a, we had a day off. We had Jason Shrout’s day off, Andy Ferguson’s day off, Jason Douglas’s day off, and Brian Viscovious Little’s day off. Vislo, Visco, Quentin, SCO Cox. I don’t know. Vislo. I don’t know what this is in reference to. This is a brand of the cameo prank, by the way, , uh, do you, I remember this.

All right. Vaguely so. Here we go. Are we ready? Oh, yeah. We’re gonna, we, I wanna see how this works. Can’t I can wait. I’m just gonna go in without saying anything. No, I’m like, I am trying to change. This is how, uh, this is how it works. Yeah. This is how it works. I get to see it. Yeah. Hang on. I’m gonna film it.

We gotta film it now. Now that we know that this thing called video exists and I just put up the TV, it’s neat. It’s a little low. We got a nice TV in the corner. We can all see now. All right, so here we go. Let’s go

roll that beautiful bean footage. Oh shit. Oh shit. It’s slowing down. Yeah. We’re going dark boys. I haven’t seen this in a long time, but it’s Reese Witherspoon. That’s who it is. Yeah. When he carves Nicole forever in his chest. Oh yeah. The movie is fear. This is dark. This is going to be a tough one for you, bud.

Wait, we haven’t got, we’ve only straight away from comedy maybe a couple of times. This is going to be a fun one for you to try and do bud. I know what scene you guys are going to spend a lot of time on. Yeah. I think I know which one you’re talking about. It’s a roller coaster. It’ll be a roller coaster.

I thought it was a Ferris wheel. It’s a Ferris wheel. It’s Ferris wheel and wild horses. I believe. Yes. Like so awkward. Like you carry off. Oh man. Like I can’t even listen to that song. No, there’s no way you don’t think about that. Like if I was going to be dark. If I was them, I, as a band, I’d have been like, no, like, we get, we get one song in a fucking movie and this is the one, was it Sundays?

I think it was Sundays. Yeah. They did the cover. I think it was. Yeah. But yeah, it’s all disturbing. Mark Wahlberg’s performance in this from my memory, cause again, I’ve seen this forever, is he totally comes across just kind of a creepy douche, kind of that manipulative, uh, The guy who pretends he’s really sociopath.

Yes. Yeah, we true. Two sociopaths and bro, back to back. Now he’s gonna see what a sociopath really looks like. Not to confused with Ferris Bueller. The sociopath. Yeah. Yeah. We’ll have to compare him back to back. I have a feeling. I know. Which one’s gonna win. This one. Alright. Yeah. So yeah, here we go. I’d much rather hang out with Ferris.

Yeah. William Peterson. That’s who it is. Like, I, like I couldn’t remember who the dad was. Amy Brenneman. I forgot. She was Amy Brenneman is an attractive woman though. She, Oh, dude, this is going to be a good one. Oh, I haven’t seen, I haven’t watched this in 25 years. Yeah. I think, I don’t, I don’t think I’ve actually ever watched it front to back.

Or I remember it. I don’t have like strong memory. So it’ll be hard of rediscovery. It was one of them where it was just like a one time watch. And you’re like, Oh, cool. I’m not watching. I’ll tell you good on a podcast and you spin it on the wheel. They force you to rewatch it and then kind of look at it again.

Cause I, I gotta be honest, there was no way that I was going to choose to watch this movie anytime soon or ever again, probably not. No, I mean, it’s like, I kind of remember what it was about that he’s, but. I, I’m, uh, I’m looking forward to watching it again now. Well, there you go. Oh, we get Gary Reilly in it.

Nice. OK, I’ll bring up Gary Reilly. He doesn’t see frame is in it. I don’t know who these people are, but Gary doesn’t get a real name in the film. He’s just a hacker. Yeah, well, I’ll give it a whirl. All right. I’ll give it a whirl. All right. We will see you guys later. Shroud, the social media shit. OK, so we’ve got we’ve got places you can visit us.

We’ve got the movie roulette podcast. com. We’ve got the movie roulette podcast on Instagram, the movie roulette podcast on Tik TOK, the movie roulette podcast on YouTube. Okay. And, uh, if you’re, uh, if you’re new and don’t really know what kind of streaming or podcast platform you like to listen to, we’re on all of them, all of them, and links to those are on all of our places, uh, our website, our Instagram has links.

Um, if you get a chance, we also, when we did High Fidelity a couple episodes ago, we made a, we made a playlist of songs. So, check that out. The link to that is on our, um, on our profile on Instagram and stuff. It’s, uh, I put the link of Spotify, but Andy said it’s on Apple Music, too. Uh, so check that out. Um, We’ll start doing like more of those kind of things too, uh, as, as we get into, to season two of this thing, um, but yeah, visit us on all those places, rate us, share it with your friends, send us feedback, send us messages, interact with us, we like that.

Yeah, we love it. Um, and tell us if you had to skip school for a day or skip work or whatever, what would you do? Where are you from? What kind of things can you do in your city? Um, it would make your day a fun adventure and try not to get busted. Yeah. So, all right. So we will see you guys on the next one for fear.

Yep. And the fear, Brian, Brian. Thanks for having me on here. So much fun. Anything you want to shout out? Any socials? Any Uh, you can see me on the socials on the Instagram, Brain Games with a Z at the end. And, uh, no, I mean, this has been awesome, guys. It’s been awesome to hang out with all of you. It’s been way too long.

And, uh again. For sure. We’ll have you on again. I’d love to come on again, but, uh, you guys This is fun, I love it, and, uh, everybody who’s listening, uh, these guys are awesome. Keep on listening. Thank you. Yay. Thank you. See ya. We love you, Brian. Bye, guys. Be excellent to each other. Peace. I sit in my room staring at the wall thinking about

it. Can’t one get it?

Can’t one

do it? Just do it. How can you say this? What are you, crazy? What, I’m jerking?


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